Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France

Notes for Interlocutors of Multicast Sessions

Thank you for volunteering to act as an interlocutor for a multicast session. As such, your responsibilities are twofold:
  1. To cooperate with the session chair in managing the interactions between local and remote participants.
  2. To interact with the multicast workstation operator, ensuring that the technical aspects of the multicasting proceed correctly.

As a rule, remote participants are shy about asking questions. The session chair and remote conference site operators will be asked to encourage remote participation.

Thanks for volunteering, and enjoy your part in the meeting! The multicast should greatly increase participation and interest in the conference.


  1. Read the notes for various participants, paying particular attention to the notes for multicast session chairs. These outline the way in which you will interact with the chair and operator. It is likely that you will have had much more experience with multicasting than the chair, who may be a bit nervous, so try to help guide this person in doing the right thing at the right time.

  2. Practice running a session locally.


Setting up for the Start of a Session

  1. Locate the chair and the operator and introduce yourself by name.

  2. Decide who will announce the addresses of remote questioners, you or the operator (it is generally easier for the operator to do so).

During a Session

  1. Interact with the chair as outlined in "Notes for Multicast Session Chairs."

  2. Coordinate with the current speaker to switch large screen
    display from pc presentation to video or other input sources
    (controls AV swith to BARCO with remote control)

  3. Coordinate/filter incoming MBONE questions

  4. Work with audience/presentor to make sure MBONE presentation goes well

  5. Assist the operator as required.

Closing Down a Session

  1. Assist the operator as required.

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Created: 22 March 1996
Last updated: 22 March 1996