Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France

Notes to Presenters of Multicast Sessions

In addition to the general preparation giude, the following guide gives you some special considerations in the preparation of your presentation for those sessions which will be broadcast on the MBONE.

Multicasting will be a new experience for many meeting participants. The goal of the multicasting is to increase participation in the meeting as widely as possible without impinging negatively on the experience of local attendees.

If your session is listed among those which will be broadcast, please be aware of the following:

Given the low quality of MBONE video, ask yourself "how would this presentation work on radio"? If you base your presentation on clear explanatory language, it is likely to be more successful, even for local participants.

  1. The session chairperson will help coordinate activities with the operator running the multicasting workstation, and another person known as a interlocutor, who acts as a stand-in for remote participants who wish to ask questions. The chairperson may also gently remind you to slow down if you are speaking too quickly or making excessively rapid movements.

  2. Remote viewers are technically capable of recording part or all of your presentation. If you do not wish such recordings to be made, please so inform the chairperson prior to the start of the session, and the chairperson will make an appropriate request to remote viewers when introducing you.

  3. PLEASE PREPARE YOUR MATERIALS CAREFULLY IN ADVANCE, following these guidelines, and practice using them, to ensure a smooth presentation that fits within your time allotment.

  4. If you intend to demonstrate audio or full-motion video, warn the session chairperson and multicasting team in advance, so that they can make appropriate preparations to multicast these parts of your presentation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the MBONE broadcasts, please contact www5-info as soon as possible. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

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Created: 22 March 1996
Last updated: 26 March 1996