The <text> element

Parent element: <lyric>

The <text> element represents a syllable or portion of a syllable for lyric text underlay. A hyphen in the element content should only be used for an actual hyphenated word.




Name Type Required? Description
color color No Indicates the color of an element.
dir text-direction No The text-direction attribute is used to adjust and override the Unicode bidirectional text algorithm, similar to the Directionality data category in the W3C Internationalization Tag Set recommendation. The default value is ltr. This attribute is typically used by applications that store text in left-to-right visual order rather than logical order. Such applications can use the lro value to better communicate with other applications that more fully support bidirectional text.
font-family font-family No A comma-separated list of font names.
font-size font-size No One of the CSS sizes or a numeric point size.
font-style font-style No Normal or italic style.
font-weight font-weight No Normal or bold weight.
letter-spacing number-or-normal No Specifies text tracking. Values are either normal, which allows flexibility of letter-spacing for purposes of text justification. or a number representing the number of ems to add between each letter. The number may be negative in order to subtract space. The value is normal if not specified.
line-through number-of-lines No Number of lines to use when striking through text.
overline number-of-lines No Number of lines to use when overlining text.
rotation rotation-degrees No Used to rotate text around the alignment point specified by the halign and valign attributes. Positive values are clockwise rotations, while negative values are counter-clockwise rotations.
underline number-of-lines No Number of lines to use when underlining text.
xml:lang xml:lang No Specifies the language used in the element content.


This element is used in the following examples:

<assess> and <player>, <elision>, <end-line>, <end-paragraph>, <extend> (Lyric), <ipa>, <lyric>, <syllabic>, Tutorial: Après un rêve