The <staff-details> element

Parent element: <attributes>

The <staff-details> element is used to indicate different types of staves.


In this order


Name Type Required? Description
number staff-number No Specifies the staff number from top to bottom within the part. The value is 1 if not present.
print-object yes-no No Specifies whether or not to print an object. It is yes if not specified.
print-spacing yes-no No Controls whether or not spacing is left for an invisible note or object. It is used only if no note, dot, or lyric is being printed. The value is yes (leave spacing) if not specified.
show-frets show-frets No Indicates whether to show tablature frets as numbers (0, 1, 2) or letters (a, b, c). It is numbers if not specified.


This element is used in the following examples:

<capo>, <line-detail>, <staff-lines>, <staff-size>, <staff-tuning>, <staff-type>, Tutorial: Percussion, Tutorial: Tablature