The <line-detail> element

Parent element: <staff-details>

If the <staff-lines> element is present, the appearance of each line may be individually specified with a <line-detail> element.

The print-object attribute allows lines to be hidden within a staff. This is used in special situations such as a widely-spaced percussion staff where a note placed below the higher line is distinct from a note placed above the lower line. Hidden staff lines are included when specifying clef lines and determining <display-step> / <display-octave> values, but are not counted as lines for the purposes of the <system-layout> and <staff-layout> elements.


Always empty.


Name Type Required? Description
line staff-line Yes Indicates the staff line affected, numbered from bottom to top.
color color No Indicates the color of an element.
line-type line-type No Specifies if the line is solid, dashed, dotted, or wavy.
print-object yes-no No Specifies whether or not to print an object. It is yes if not specified.
width tenths No Staff line width in tenths.


This element is used in the following examples: