The <part> element (partwise)

Parent element: <score-partwise>

The <part> element is the top level of musical organization below the <score-partwise> document element. It contains a sequence of <measure> elements.


<measure> (One or more times)


Name Type Required? Description
id IDREF Yes An IDREF back to a <score-part> element within the <part-list> element.


This element is used in the following examples:

<assess> and <player>, <concert-score> and <for-part>, <ending>, <glissando> (Multiple), <grouping>, <instrument-change>, <measure-repeat>, <pedal> (Lines), <slash>, <sync>, Tutorial: Après un rêve, Tutorial: Chopin Prelude, Tutorial: Chord Symbols, Tutorial: Hello, World, Tutorial: Percussion, Tutorial: Tablature