Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

13 January 2021


(tink), amy_c, becky, Ela, IanPouncey, IrfanA, janina, JF, joconnor, JonnyJames, JPaton, LĂ©onie, Matthew_Atkinson, NeilS, paul_grenier

Meeting minutes

Agenda Review & Announcements

JS: Full agenda today

Anyone with items?

Is Ian P here?

IP: I am.

JS: Welcome

Ian is with Leonie now in Tetralogical.

<Ian Pouncey gives intro>

Looking forward to get back involved.

JS: Great to have you back for CSS issues.

IP: Looking forward to supporting you all.

Task Force Updates

JS: We have a repo question

Josh is working on a personalization demo and paper

<paul_grenier> joconnor: I've built a demo of immersive communication with personalization support

<paul_grenier> joconnor: it's a little contrived in some ways but it demonstrates using a framework like A-frame it shows adding these semantics like HTML or aria

<paul_grenier> joconnor: if this can be supported out-of-the-box then we can add these semantics for folks with cognitive/learning disabilities.

<paul_grenier> MichaelC: a repository transfer can move it to the w3c organization

<paul_grenier> JF: I worked an another project we can take cooperation offline

<paul_grenier> joconnor: I struggled with some of the tasks like requesting redraws on canvas, maybe I can get help from Matthew or others

<paul_grenier> MichaelC: coordinate with me and we'll update the permissions and ownership after migration

<paul_grenier> joconnor: great. just going to prep Matthew

<paul_grenier> janina: we want the show & tell. Many folks using AT want the support of symbol sets and choice between sets.

<paul_grenier> janina: we can make controls show up in AAC symbology and adjust to the preference of the user.

JS: <gives background>

JF: Using Bliss etc is important, but it is one of 6 new attributes that are being introduced

JF: Dont want us to over emphasize Bliss usage.

JS: I hear that, we should have that converstation

Accessibility Considerations template Proposal

Task Force Updates

JS: We have asked TFs to get the charter out the door etc

by end of Jan

We have two groups with normative deliverables etc

Michael has some tasks on that.

RQTF in a good place - they may wish to tweak but done by next week

We will soon have draft charter where we can do CFC

Questions etc?

JS: Anything else from TFs?

JS: We do expect to be dropping one of our TF

Joint one with AGWG. We are not doing much with COGA, and still expect to drop COGA in the new charter.

JS: Our responsibility with horizontal review continues.

Accessibility Considerations template Proposal

JS: I found this from last years template

John this was on you?

Not sure where we left this.

JF: I've not done anything here but there is a new template for minutes and we wanted to review it

I like the new one, easier to read.

I'm tasked to audit.

JF: That is fine. But we were noting that there would be security and privacy etc we want to do something with a11y.

APA Rechartering https://raw.githack.com/w3c/apa/charter-2021/charter.html

JS: We've talked a little through this.

Need Michael, so we will come back to it.

Hopeing to close on charter in two weeks.

Fine tuning time.


MC: Roy has made some notes on deliverables

Should have those next week

FAST Progress

<paul_grenier> janina: FAST

<paul_grenier> MichaelC: Josh and I talked briefly, I'm going to think about structure and he's going to think about content. I'm going to get something into review.

New Charters Review https://github.com/w3c/strategy/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22Horizontal+review+requested%22

<MichaelC> https://w3c.github.io/charter-drafts/sw-2020.html

MC: Service workers group

<gives overview>

Relates to background processing

We've reviewed but not filed comments

Its in CR

They want to incubate some things - background sync etc

I think as we've reviewed it, we may look for more

JS: As Service workers are appropriate for a11y checking of third party platforms etc

BG: Yes, this may be an issue with screen readers

JS: And other AT.

JS: Ok, we can pass.

new on TR http://www.w3.org/TR/tr-status-drafts.html

MC: The new stuff this week is ePub - overview, 3.3, reading systems and multiple rendition publications 1.1

MC: <gives overview>

Reading systems is REC track, defines conformance reqs for ePub readers. Multiple renditions is a note. Confused on status.

MC: Do we need to review?

JS: I'm happy there is already a strong a11y group there.


JS: When we have new things, we can work on integrations - a la AAC etc

Personalization, Pronunciations etc - I think we can let this go.



MC: The horizontal review tracker has the same issues

CSS Update (Amy) https://github.com/w3c/css-a11y/issues

JS: I think I was to review something, but on looking back I couldn't find it.

I did Colour adjustment, and we dropped the Box Model one.

BG: The level 4 one?

AC: May be

I'll move onto some older issues.

JS: Thats great with IanP back

<amy_c> https://github.com/w3c/css-a11y/issues/23

AC: This relates to CSS AAM - posted by JamesN

Relates to how visual order and DOM order can get out of sync

So do these specs need to be reviewed?

JS: We are missing some context.

This is like a to-do list.

IP: THere have been attempts to do a CSS AAM - this came from when the CSS group realised they didn't know how text transforms were done in browsers.

They didnt know that it touches the a11y tree, it does.

<gives more background>

This is something we would like to investigate.

JS: An AAM for CSS would be cool.

AC: Whats AAM?

JS: ARIA concept - the implementation details of the spec was split up.

<becky> AAM = Accessibility API Mapping

It's a table with all these implementation details

JS: YAAM - lolz

IanP: The fun bit is documenting what is vs what should be.

JS: Joannie works on this

Contributes to Mac parser engines etc and Linuxy stuff

JS: That clear?

JOC: That was useful.

JS: The wiki page by Josh for new features in APA

We are talking about issues in ARIA regarding Braille.

We want to name things that would be implementable etc - stuff that we want to do.

And make happen.

There are somethings that ARIA can do better - not just support screen readers

Doesn't work so great with Braille output

Here it is https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Wishlist_2021

<paul_grenier> joconnor: it lists a few technologies like aria, html, css and headings for immersive XAUR, we need to look at the dom overlay API

<paul_grenier> joconnor: RTC, video/audio applications, I just finished it this afternoon (early stages)

/me thanks Paul

JS: <gives overview>

JS: With Braille you can route content from a UI to specific sections of the Braille device for example

You could chunk it into 4 regions

And there are support needs from ARIA, and webclients

PG: Sounds like the Screenfold API

JS: Yes - I know your voices, and it would be great to know on calls I take, with people I don't know - how to track better

I'd like to know who is speaking etc

<Zakim> becky, you wanted to comment on spec Amy agreed to review

BG: Amy it was CSS Box Model Level 3

AC: Ok

<becky> CSS Box Model Module Level 3 <https://www.w3.org/TR/css-box-3/>

JS: Maybe Ian would take one?

IanP: I'll wait a little.

JS: Np

<amy_c> https://github.com/w3c/css-a11y/issues/22

AC: Speaking of ARIA, I will need a little help with that.

Relates to scrollable region property, to make that more specific?

<gives overview>

That an ARIA thing - a 2.0 - future tech

They are working on 1.2

Some of our things are going to be 1.4 for example.

JS: Expects little progress here.

It should be listed with ARIA - maybe ping the chairs.


AC: Thats it

Actions Checkin (Specs) https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/actions/open

JS: Anyone?

PG: 2277 and 2278

JS: Comments on specs?

PG: Yup

JS: Any rush on this - there is a procedure, we can talk Tues.

Horizontal Review Issues Tracker https://w3c.github.io/horizontal-issue-tracker/?repo=w3c/a11y-review

JS: Michael did this.

BG: CSS issue.

JS: We made some progress on that

New Minutes Templates

JS: John F when you are ready to give report please do

This can fall into action related review etc

JF: Can you give me another 2 weeks.

BG: <looks for open actions>

JF: 2276 is on me, due today.

JS: I'll give you three.

JF: I've a FAST review item also.

Community Groups Tracking https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Community_Groups

JS: APA not working on this at the moment

JS: We will need to plan to take action.

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