Wishlist 2021

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The following is a [DRAFT] APA wishlist for 2021 relating to technologies and specifications that we would like to have eithers features, or discussion with that will improve accessibility.


Need to unstall and puzzle into picture.


  • Braille devices: Improve ARIA support and user experience.




User Needs documents

Now that we have tackled user needs documents for both XR and RTC, what is next for 2021?

Some possible options are:

  • Mini apps
  • Voice Agents - Interaction / How does WCAG relate to Voice agents? What SCs are relevant? What work is Silver doing in this space?
  • Updated MAUR
  • @@

Assistive Technology Issues

  • Braille devices: Issue with ARIA Live regions.

Immersive Web / XR

  • Work on AOM
  • Work on DOM Overlay API
  • Understand how the DOM Overlay API and AOM will interoperate.
  • Define the layers in XR where responsibility for accessibility belongs.
  • Can semantic scene graphs be used to present dynamically changing relationships between objects in an XR environment?
  • Do we need to work on standardization of semantic scene graphs for accessibility?

[Josh Notes]: To the best of my understanding AOM was/is currently a generic architecture that expands the capacity of the DOM. This space is facing some challenges similar to the original <canvas> content, except this time it is <canvas>++ and then some. AOM though may be the best 'next step' to explore - and this needs to be done in a more determined manner.

However we just don't know yet if that actually is a critical part of a robust XR Architecture - and just what role it will play. Can it form the part of several object models types for a series of modules that may help build a more robust XR architecture.

Real Time Communications

  • Pinning content in video conferencing applications