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ACTION-309 (edit) open Create an automated index of meeting minutes, in hopes search engines can therefore find an make searchable Michael Cooper 2012-04-01 Miscellaneous
ACTION-457 (edit) open Schedule CAPTCHA rewrite requirements brainstorming session Janina Sajka 2015-05-06 CAPTCHA Note
ACTION-618 (edit) open relay conclusions to the IETF HTTP group Janina Sajka 2013-12-31 Spec reviews
ACTION-730 (edit) open Kick of CAPTCHA sub-team Michael Cooper 2012-07-31 CAPTCHA Note
ACTION-788 (edit) open tracker forms (new action and new issue) should be made accessible; label form elements Michael Cooper 2012-03-15 Miscellaneous
ACTION-929 (edit) open Get PF to identify user preferences against which CSS might want to run media queries for personalization Janina Sajka 2012-01-30 CSS
ACTION-930 (edit) open Get PFWG to work on requirements for the various CSS positioning modules Janina Sajka 2012-01-30 CSS
ACTION-934 (edit) open Create a PFWG Gantt chart for ARIA 1.0, ARIA 1.1, Indie UI Michael Cooper 2012-02-17 Miscellaneous
ACTION-1120 (edit) open Get spec sanity check generator to handle required states and properties, not just supported, and ideally same for UML model Michael Cooper 2012-11-01 Miscellaneous
ACTION-1141 (edit) open Send use cases to Geospatial Semantic Web CG Janina Sajka 2013-03-01 Spec reviews
ACTION-1176 (edit) open Look into a bot to count how busy various mailing lists are, so we can determine which groups are being active and need a closer look Michael Cooper 2013-03-19 Miscellaneous
ACTION-1191 (edit) open review Input Method Editor API Richard Schwerdtfeger 2013-05-15 Spec reviews
ACTION-1225 (edit) open Post a use case on using tactile feedback in locating an icon on the PF list Janina Sajka 2013-06-05 Spec reviews
ACTION-1229 (edit) open Ask Gallidette about sufficiently of WebRTC for signing Janina Sajka 2013-07-10 Spec reviews
ACTION-1289 (edit) open Prepare pf comment on custom elements Janina Sajka 2013-11-06 Spec reviews
ACTION-1290 (edit) open Bring discussion of resource priorites to group Janina Sajka 2013-11-20 Spec reviews
ACTION-1302 (edit) open Review streams api Janina Sajka 2013-11-13 Spec reviews
ACTION-1305 (edit) open Summarily our web captcha approaches and suggest review with web app security group due 2013-12-18 Janina Sajka 2013-11-19 CAPTCHA Note
ACTION-1307 (edit) open Talk to systeam about possibly hooking into spec database Mark Sadecki 2013-11-19 Spec reviews
ACTION-1319 (edit) open Take the following text to the wcag wg as warning or violation under robust "make it an author error/warning to override the css display of elements matching [hidden] in such a way that it "unhides" the content." Michael Cooper 2013-12-16 HTML 5
ACTION-1356 (edit) open Chat about the general case solution of mapping onclick to keypress in certain circumstances with appropriate people and get back to the working group David Bolter 2014-01-31 Spec reviews
ACTION-1378 (edit) open Investigate nfc api and report back due march 5th 2014 Michael Cooper 2014-03-05 Spec reviews
ACTION-1386 (edit) open Draft concept of enhancement for apip to css speech Richard Schwerdtfeger 2014-02-26 CSS
ACTION-1438 (edit) open Set up auto publish to GH Pages for editors' drafts Michael Cooper 2014-10-15 Miscellaneous
ACTION-1499 (edit) open Document process to ensure edits across specs kept in sync via action trading Michael Cooper 2014-08-27 Miscellaneous
ACTION-1613 (edit) open Send starter discussion to pf editors about w3c echidna Michael Cooper 2015-04-08 Miscellaneous
ACTION-1669 (edit) open Look at data on the web best practices Katie Haritos-Shea 2016-01-20 Spec reviews
ACTION-1759 (edit) open Have rqtf to look at the machine learning schema cg for a11y implications Markku Hakkinen 2016-02-17 RQTF
ACTION-2052 (edit) open Review shadow dom Becky Gibson 2018-02-07 Spec reviews
ACTION-2071 (edit) open Notify apa and aria editors and possibly wai-ig about adding A11Y checking to the respec linting capability Shane McCarron 2016-07-20 Miscellaneous
ACTION-2093 (edit) open Re-raise svg2 for review Michael Cooper 2018-03-29 Spec reviews
ACTION-2108 (edit) open Extend authentication reference list 2017/01/18 David Sloan 2017-01-18 RQTF
ACTION-2111 (edit) open Check on the status of our previous comments on payments Janina Sajka 2017-02-02 Spec reviews
ACTION-2114 (edit) open Summarize tentative authentication questions/issues on the wiki (as derived from recent w3c work in the area). Jason White 2017-02-15 RQTF
ACTION-2117 (edit) open Check our checklist list against ISO/IEC 30071-1 Janina Sajka 2017-03-08 FAST
ACTION-2123 (edit) open Triage changelog of dom 4.1 - note stuff on mutation Ted Drake 2018-01-24 Spec reviews
ACTION-2125 (edit) open Work with scott to continue review of authentication literature and reference listings due 2 weeks David Sloan 2017-04-26 RQTF
ACTION-2131 (edit) open Ask webappsec if csp is meant to block bookmarklets, and raise issue of a11y scripts that users explicitly request (not xss) Michael Cooper 2017-05-17 Spec reviews
ACTION-2132 (edit) open Make a fuss about algorithmic specs Michael Cooper 2017-05-24
ACTION-2133 (edit) open Manage review of payment handler api Janina Sajka 2017-06-28 Spec reviews
ACTION-2134 (edit) open Ping review of css overflow module level 4 Michael Cooper 2018-07-24 Spec reviews
ACTION-2135 (edit) open Review cloud browser use cases Janina Sajka 2018-05-30 Spec reviews
ACTION-2145 (edit) open Ping review on long tasks api 1 Michael Cooper 2018-07-24 Spec reviews
ACTION-2148 (edit) open Review web of things (wot) scripting api Janina Sajka 2017-11-01 Spec reviews
ACTION-2149 (edit) open Review web of things (wot) thing description Janina Sajka 2017-11-01 Spec reviews
ACTION-2150 (edit) open Review a sample of specifications to analyse their security and privacy sections. Janina Sajka 2017-10-04 Miscellaneous
ACTION-2151 (edit) open Review permissions Janina Sajka 2017-10-18 Spec reviews
ACTION-2153 (edit) open Review and draft a warning note for orienation api spec, for apa review John Foliot 2018-02-07 Spec reviews
ACTION-2154 (edit) open Follow up on 1% question in the science article -- the 1% failure test Jason White 2017-11-08 RQTF
ACTION-2156 (edit) open Review file api Joanmarie Diggs 2018-02-21 Spec reviews
ACTION-2157 (edit) open Create an editing aam Joanmarie Diggs 2017-12-06
ACTION-2158 (edit) open Manage review of css animations in context of previous pf activity from 5 years ago Ian Pouncey 2018-02-07 Spec reviews
ACTION-2159 (edit) open Manage review of css transforms note pf feedback from 2009 Ian Pouncey 2018-02-07 Spec reviews
ACTION-2160 (edit) open Review web of things (wot) security and privacy considerations Janina Sajka 2018-01-31 Spec reviews
ACTION-2161 (edit) open Review web authentication: an api for accessing public key credentials - level 1 Janina Sajka 2018-01-10 Spec reviews
ACTION-2163 (edit) open Manage review of css basic user interface module level 4 Ian Pouncey 2018-01-10 Spec reviews
ACTION-2164 (edit) open Complete the process of posting updates regarding rqtf to wai-ig. Jason White 2018-01-15 RQTF
ACTION-2165 (edit) open Ping review of web annotation extensions for web publications Michael Cooper 2018-07-10 Spec reviews
ACTION-2166 (edit) open Ping html 5.3 review Michael Cooper 2018-04-01 Spec reviews
ACTION-2167 (edit) open Follow up with webvtt comments due fewb 6 John Foliot 2018-02-07 Spec reviews
ACTION-2168 (edit) open Review credential management level 1 Janina Sajka 2018-02-28
ACTION-2169 (edit) open Ask web assembly wg about web assembly core, what are use cases, does it impact ui and need a11y advice about using a11y api Janina Sajka 2018-02-28

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