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ACTION-309 (edit) open Create an automated index of meeting minutes, in hopes search engines can therefore find an make searchable Michael Cooper 2012-04-01 Miscellaneous
ACTION-788 (edit) open tracker forms (new action and new issue) should be made accessible; label form elements Michael Cooper 2012-03-15 Miscellaneous
ACTION-934 (edit) open Create a PFWG Gantt chart for ARIA 1.0, ARIA 1.1, Indie UI Michael Cooper 2012-02-17 Miscellaneous
ACTION-1120 (edit) open Get spec sanity check generator to handle required states and properties, not just supported, and ideally same for UML model Michael Cooper 2012-11-01 Miscellaneous
ACTION-1176 (edit) open Look into a bot to count how busy various mailing lists are, so we can determine which groups are being active and need a closer look Michael Cooper 2013-03-19 Miscellaneous
ACTION-1438 (edit) open Set up auto publish to GH Pages for editors' drafts Michael Cooper 2014-10-15 Miscellaneous
ACTION-1499 (edit) open Document process to ensure edits across specs kept in sync via action trading Michael Cooper 2014-08-27 Miscellaneous
ACTION-1613 (edit) open Send starter discussion to pf editors about w3c echidna Michael Cooper 2015-04-08 Miscellaneous
ACTION-2071 (edit) open Notify apa and aria editors and possibly wai-ig about adding A11Y checking to the respec linting capability Shane McCarron 2016-07-20 Miscellaneous
ACTION-2150 (edit) open Review a sample of specifications to analyse their security and privacy sections. Janina Sajka 2017-10-04 Miscellaneous

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