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There are 6 open and raised issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-336 (edit)
OPEN Investigate creation of CSS pseudo-classes to support ARIA, such as aria-activedescendant 2009-07-01 Spec reviews 0
ISSUE-365 (edit)
OS preferences
OPEN UAAG should address how browsers inherit OS preferences related to accessibility 2009-10-26 Spec reviews 0
ISSUE-333 (edit)
RAISED Support for 3rd-party user interface resources in future Web architecture 2009-06-17 Spec reviews 0
ISSUE-380 (edit)
Unicode characters
RAISED Need to review AT handling of higher order Unicode characters 2009-11-18 Spec reviews 0
ISSUE-419 (edit)
CSS3 module interdependency
RAISED tracking the inter-relationships between CSS3 modules and their mutual dependencies [2007 CSS Snapshot update] 2010-07-14 Spec reviews 0
ISSUE-473 (edit) RAISED Math mapping to AAPI 2012-01-11 Spec reviews 0

Open Actions

There are 19 open and pending review actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-618 (edit) open relay conclusions to the IETF HTTP group Janina Sajka 2013-12-31 Spec reviews
ACTION-1229 (edit) open Ask Gallidette about sufficiently of WebRTC for signing Janina Sajka 2013-07-10 Spec reviews
ACTION-2111 (edit) open Check on the status of our previous comments on payments Janina Sajka 2018-09-05 Spec reviews
ACTION-2131 (edit) open Ask webappsec if csp is meant to block bookmarklets, and raise issue of a11y scripts that users explicitly request (not xss) Michael Cooper 2018-09-26 Spec reviews
ACTION-2134 (edit) open Ping review of css overflow module level 4 Michael Cooper 2018-07-24 Spec reviews
ACTION-2145 (edit) open Ping review on long tasks api 1 Michael Cooper 2019-03-01 Spec reviews
ACTION-2149 (edit) open Review web of things (wot) thing description Léonie Watson 2018-09-13 Spec reviews
ACTION-2151 (edit) open Review permissions Janina Sajka 2019-03-01 Spec reviews
ACTION-2160 (edit) open Review web of things (wot) security and privacy considerations Léonie Watson 2018-09-13 Spec reviews
ACTION-2165 (edit) open Ping review of web annotation extensions for web publications Michael Cooper 2019-03-01 Spec reviews
ACTION-2168 (edit) open Review credential management level 1 Janina Sajka 2018-02-28 Spec reviews
ACTION-2169 (edit) open Ask web assembly wg about web assembly core, what are use cases, does it impact ui and need a11y advice about using a11y api Janina Sajka 2018-02-28 Spec reviews
ACTION-2170 (edit) open Review css fonts module level 4 Amy Carney 2018-05-02 Spec reviews
ACTION-2172 (edit) open Review web audio api Janina Sajka 2018-06-27 Spec reviews
ACTION-2173 (edit) open Review mediastreamtrack content hints Janina Sajka 2018-07-18 Spec reviews
ACTION-2176 (edit) open Review web authentication in response to wide review request Janina Sajka 2018-08-08 Spec reviews
ACTION-2177 (edit) open Review web authentication in response to wide review request Jason White 2018-08-08 Spec reviews
ACTION-2180 (edit) open Respond review of page visibility level 2 at John Foliot 2018-09-19 Spec reviews
ACTION-2181 (edit) open Review navigation timing level 2 Janina Sajka 2018-10-31 Spec reviews

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