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Agenda Tuesday 3 September 2019 20:00 UTC (in your time zone)


Chair: PWinstanley

regrets+ Annette; DaveBrowning (likely), Alejandra, Dave Raggett

Reminding attendees to put Present+ <nickname>

Reminding chairs to put Regrets+

I. Appoint Scribe

II. Approve August 27th meeting minutes

III. Check who is on IRC and WebEx

Deadlines - review

What are the deadlines that we are working to?

  • DCAT
  • Conneg

DCAT Update

See: Steps to Recommendation

When will be ready for final vote?


See: Steps to Recommendation

3PWD candidate is now ED:

Pull Requests of the week - for information only

List here merges of note. (Purely editorial changes - of which there were quite a few - not included)

Deliverable Pull Title Pull Link Note

All other CNEG changes were editorial. Pending/active PRs for CNEG are at (most of them waiting for Nick's affiliation to be updated so that he can merge).

All other DCAT changes were editorial and can be listed at

Pending/active PRs for DCAT 2 are at

Procedure for closing of issues

We need to formalise the procedure for closing issues, to ensure that they have been satisfactorily resolved to the initator's satisfaction (or a suitable compromise) and that this has been recorded.

Issues marked "due for closing" - for WG agreement that they can be closed

These to be closed by next Friday (CET) unless requested otherwise noted. Please use github to get involved/comment

Deliverable Issue Title Issue Link Note
PROF Confused by the eg-ga example #199 larsgsvensson
PROF PROF - VOAF alignment #235 nicholascar
PROF Reference PROV #402 nicholascar
PROF Seek a second profiles implementation #409 nicholascar
PROF Consider use of adms:identifier instead of prof:token #453 nicholascar
PROF Model implementation reporting as done in SHACL #467 nicholascar
PROF Determine which examples of use are to be published in the Profiles Ont doc #492 nicholascar
PROF FPWD comment: use dcat:Distribution for Resource #529 smrgeoinfo
PROF Update Roles vocab and publish W3C styling #535 nicholascar
PROF Harmonise Ont/Conneg references and content #551 nicholascar
PROF Unfinished renaming of properties in profiles ontology causing loading error #555 agbeltran
PROF Alignment / differentiation with OWL #696 nicholascar
PROF Profiles Ontology Figure 3 #731 kcoyle
PROF Formally align PROF to DCAT #808 nicholascar
Profiles Vocab Profiles may be written in or may link to a document or schema in a validation language (ShEx, SHACL, XMLschema). [ID41] (5.41) #279 UCR
Profiles Vocab Complete the information transfer from previous HTML doc #406 ncar
Profiles Vocab Determine how to reference ResourceRole vocab #452 ncar
Profiles Vocab profile ontology: rdfs:Class vs owl:Class inconsistency between turtle and document #483 riccardo
Profiles Vocab Update Roles vocab and publish W3C styling #535 ncar
Profiles Vocab Create a use case and requirement for "central" authoritative validation rules #597 aisaac
Profiles Vocab Remove prof:BaseSpecification #641 Andrea
Profiles Vocab Specify the semantics of prof:isTransitiveProfileOf wrt prof:isProfileOf #644 aisaac
Profiles Vocab Update all example RDF and image files #658 ncar
Profiles Vocab Visual clues in Figures 3 and 4 #689 kamhayfung

Deliverable Issue Title Issue Link Note
Conneg Web browser navigation of profile information #239 nicholascar / Use Case
Conneg Enable the ability to negotiate the data profile via http, similar to the negotiation of data formats today. [ID30] (5.30) #265 nicholascar / Google Doc
Conneg Remove text in favour of full reference to final IETF doc #380 nicholascar / original doc issue
Conneg Reference previous HTTP Accept work (esp JSON-LD) #382 nicholascar / original doc issue
Conneg Complete pyLDAPI implementation description #386 nicholascar / original doc issue
Conneg Complete implementation description #388 nicholascar / original doc issue
Conneg Complete Links to Test Suites #385 nicholascar / original doc issue
Conneg Clarify how to refer to alternates view methodology for profile neg #392 nicholascar / original doc issue
Conneg Specify the realisation order of precedence for conflicting profile negotiation situations #505 nicholascar
Conneg Harmonise Ont/Conneg references and content #551 nicholascar
CNEG Query string implementation of profile selection #544
CNEG Harmonise Ont/Conneg references and content #551 kcoyle: "Need consensus that this change solves the issue"
CNEG Antoine's conneg doc edits #575
CNEG Map get resource by profile preferencing from abstract to HTTP & QSA #591
CNEG Determine responsibilities for listing available profiles when a redirect is used #603
CNEG create sequence diagram for conneg-by-ap process [1]
CNEG Should a server list all profiles it supports, even those in a hierarchy #932
CNEG CONNEG: Reference to WFS3 #942
CNEG Clarify need for unambiguous profile URIs when compound specifications referenced #1017 Waiting for response from Tom Baker
CNEG Differentiating Functional & Data Profiling in Conneg #1022
CNEG response header if 303 used #1040

All other "due for closing" DCAT issues are editorial in nature and can be listed at

Reopening Profile Guidance and PROF vocabulary

Profile Guidance

Status so far : Working Draft

Poll results

  • Reopen yes 10 / no 1
  • Will do work yes 5/ no 6
  • Note 10 / stop work 1

Progress Report on Immediate needs:

Profiles Vocabulary

Status so far : 2nd PWD

Poll results

  • Reopean yes 11 / no 0
  • Willing to do work yes 4/ no 7
  • Rec track 6 / note 5 (note change from previous week - 7/4)

Progress Report on Immediate needs:

  • Group formation (Doodle poll) and meeting times
  • Chair(s)
  • Address feedback from FPWD 33 open
  • Strategy to address remaining open issues 58 open
  • Develop list of substantive issues and comments that need to be addressed (may take digging through long, complex github issues :-()

Checking Open Action items

  • List (LarsG thinks that ACTION-314 can be closed since the the trackbot now monitors all emails going to the public list)

Closing issues

  • how can we close more issues? e.g. can we chip away at some issues and close them?

Some high volume issues:

Older issues:

Discussed Feb 26, not closed.

  • judicious use of votes in github: propose votes to Peter
    • chairs will organize votes
    • votes will be recorded in next minutes
    • github issues will be closed when votes resolve the issue

Feedback Monitoring Spreadsheet

spreadsheet, not complete yet

Joining instructions: (official participants and invited guests only)

WebEx Details

For text discussions, minutes, joining the speaker queue, actions & issues IRC channel: #dxwg on IRC on port 6667

Please be sure to join both IRC and WebEx and use the same nick in both (or it gets very confusing)

When you join the IRC channel, please immediately type 'present+ {yourname}' (this adds your name to the participants list in the minutes)


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