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Agenda for DXWG DCAT subgroup teleconference 21 October 2019 20:00 UTC (in your timezone)

Makx, PWinstanley


Primary purpose of this specific meeting is to consolidate the collected implementation evidence, and sort out outstanding issues about DCAT

  1. Approve minutes of previous meeting:
  2. Approve agenda
  3. Review current draft of the implementation report:
  4. Issue about implementation evidence:
  5. Issue about "recommended" properties in the DCAT spec:
  6. Issue about DCAT namespace:
  7. Relation among Dataset, Distribution and Data Service:
  8. Are we providing more Translations ?
  9. machine readable contributors in line with the html page:
    1. possible reply, "We have maintained the same principle used in DCAT1, where the RDF listed a broader number of contributors not mentioned in the normative document. This choice is in the spirit of acknowledging the authors and translators of the previous dcat releases and others who specifically contributed to the RDF encoding of DCAT 2. "
  10. Outstanding issues for DCAT2 ratification:
  11. AOB
    1. There is a poll for the draft recharter document - see . Please either complete the poll ASAP or else please be at the plenary tomorrow if there is anything you want to discuss.


  1. Spreadsheet for collecting implementation evidence
  2. Google doc for tracking PR and Issues we might want to finalize
  3. Public comments list:
  4. GitHub open issues tagged DCAT, FEEDBACK:
  5. Outstanding actions

Dial In details

NB These details only apply for the DCAT sub group, they are different from the joint calls

 Joining instructions: (official participants and invited guests only)
 Telecon Details: Zoom details available by email from Philippe Le Hégaret <> or regular attendees.
 For text discussions, minutes, joining the speaker queue, actions & issues IRC channel: #dxwgdcat on on port 6667
 Please be sure to join both IRC and Zoom and use the same nick in both (or it gets very confusing)
 When you join the IRC channel, please immediately type 'present+ {yourname}' (this adds your name to the participants list in the minutes)
 See WebEx Best Practices for further information
  W3C Telecon Resources:
  Zakim instructions in English
  Basic instructions in Portuguese

To start the meeting, check that trackbot is in the IRC channel (it usually is). If not, type:

/invite trackbot

(Subgroup meetings may need to specify the irc e.g. /invite trackbot #dxwgdcat)

Then you can type:

trackbot, start meeting

That should invite zakim and RRSAgent and generally get things ready to go. As a reminder: the Zakim IRC bot handles things like the speaker queue, RRSAgent handles the minute-taking, present and regrets list etc.

Please note that you will see a message that Zakim does not see any meetings scheduled at this time. This is a reference to the old conference bridge (also called Zakim) that is no longer in use. Scheduling is now done under the WebEx system. If you're feeling nostalgic for the old Zakim greeting, it's archived (of course).

Once you have started the meeting, you should see all three bots running:

If any are not in the room, type /invite and then the name of the bot followed by the relevent channel e.g.

/invite Zakim #dxwgdcat

/invite rrsagent #dxwgdcat

During the meeting you may need to set the access permissions on the chat log with this command:

RRSAgent, make logs public

Then to create the minutes, type

RRSAgent, draft minutes