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General info


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Project Review Rehearsal

Location: LNEC, Av. do Brasil, 101, 1700-066 LISBOA 09:30 start

We should run through the review meeting agenda and all act as reviewers. Expect well-intentioned but awkward questions, especially from Makx!


  • Phil Archer (ERCIM)
  • Philippe Rohou (ERCIM)
  • Makx Dekkers (AMI)
  • André Lapa (AMA)
  • Harris Alexopoulos (UAEGEAN)
  • Daniel Pop (UVT)

Ideally also

  • Martin Alvarez-Espinar (CTIC)
  • Muriel Foulonneau (TUDOR)
  • Noël Van Herreweghe (CORVe, time limited)
  • Ingo Simoniss (OGC)
  • Lorenzo Canova (POLITO)

Everyone else welcome but not expected

Project meeting Tuesday 2nd December

Please note that all funded partners should be represented at this meeting.


Location: LNEC (the workshop venue) - André will provide more detail

  • 14:00 Convene/the name game, see the Gallery. Please add a photo of yourself if it's not there already (Phil)
  • 14:15 Final preparation for the workshop (André)
    • the importance of scribes
    • what you need to know to help others
  • 15:30 The W3C Group
    • Status update (Phil & Deirdre)
    • How we need to respond
    • Reminder of what to expect in future
  • 16:00 Break
  • 16:30 Timişoara (Phil & Daniel)
    • The CfP
    • Who do we need to engage? How will we reach them? How will we boost external participation? (this has been well below target in both Samos and Lisbon)
  • Other topics
    • 17:30 Innovation survey (Philippe R)
    • 18:00 Make plans for dinner

Project Meeting 5 December

Please note that all funded partners should be represented at this meeting.

Minutes: Lisbon/Scribe

08:45 for prompt 09:00 Start (no later)

  • How was the workshop?
  • How was the format?
  • Same again in future?
  • What could be done better?

10:00 End. Most partners are free to go at that point.

Short Description

The following text can be used as a boiler plate for e-mails sent to interested individuals, blog post paragraphs etc. You'll almost certainly need to customise it but this might be a starting point.

"Encouraging open data usage by commercial developers" will be a highly interactive workshop, not a series of presentations. Open data publishers, developers and the business sector will discuss the barriers to commercial use of public sector data and how these can be overcome. The dates are 3 - 4 December and the Call for Participation, evolving agenda, attendee list etc. are all available online [1].

The workshop is the latest in a series being organised across Europe around implementation issues surrounding the revised PSI Directive, under the Share-PSI 2.0 banner. This is a group of more than 40 partners from 25 countries including national and local government departments, academic institutions, standards bodies, commercial companies and civil society groups.

[1] http://www.w3.org/2013/share-psi/workshop/lisbon/