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External Papers

  1. File:LAPSI.pdf (LAPSI sessions)
  2. File:FINODEX.pdf (Finodex)
  3. Open Laws see session
  4. DGT (PT gov)/SmartOpenData with Athina??
  5. LIDER (2 sessions on importance/usefulness of multilingual data)
  6. File:MarketDilemmas.pdf Saxony. Questions around licences, risks, de-anonymisation etc.
  7. File:ISMB.pdf Osella/Ferro - business models? where is the money?
  8. File:Keck.pdf (DIT) - think like a business, not a public sector worker
  9. File:COMSODE.pdf open data integration platform/API engine based on LD tech

(Europeana removed as in the end they didn't submit a paper)

Internal Sessions

  1. File:SharePSI-LisbonDecember-Startupsworkshop-1.pdf Open Data Startups- Catalyzing open data demand for commercial usage Amanda Smith/Elpida Prasopoulou, ODI. Also Martin File:Alvarez.pdf on the same topic
  2. File:StimulatingOpenDataReuse.pdf Amanda Smith ODI/Simon Whitehouse BCC.
  3. File:Harvesting and MDE.pdf FOKUS 1
  4. File:COOLTURA.pdf FOKUS2
  5. File:Bargiotti Wyns.pdf PwC
  6. File:Ahmadi.pdf NUIG Insight Centre
  7. File:GOV4ALL.pdf UAEGEAN

Plenary papers

  1. File:Spanishinfomediary.pdf MINHAP report on Spanish infomediary sector
  2. A Scenario for Business Benefit from Public Data Chris Harding/TOG
  3. PSIA - Georg and Marc de Vries have a plenary session
  4. File:Prakash Rajaguru Tcholtchev.pdf An OSGi-based Model-driven Data Management Module for Robust Open Data Harvesting