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Deliverable Status Link Last updated
D1.1 & D2.1 Web site and first CfP Final version for submission File:D1.1 Web site.pdf 2014-05-08
D1.2 Dissemination plan Final version for submission File:Share PSI D1.2 Dissemination Plan.pdf 2014-05-01
Project flyer (print version) Final File:Share PSI Flyer PRINT.pdf 2014-05-14
Project flyer (Web version, available from Web site) Final File:Share PSI Flyer WEB.pdf 2014-05-14
D2.2 Report on first workshop Final File:Share PSI D2.2 Report on first workshop.pdf 2014-08-28
D3.1 Second call for participation Final File:Share PSI D3.1 Second call for participation.pdf 2014-08-28
D1.3 10 monthly dissemination report Final File:SPSI D1.3.pdf 2014-11-14
D4.1 3rd call for participation Final File:SPSI D4.1.pdf 2014-11-14
D7.1 Initial draft of the evolving best practices document demonstrating impact of preceding workshops Final File:SPSI D7.1.pdf 2014-11-14
D3.2 Report on second workshop Final File:SPSI D3.2.pdf 2015-02-06
D5.1 4th call for participation Final File:SPSI D5.1.pdf 2015-02-10
D4.2 Report on third workshop Final File:SPSI D4.2.pdf 2015-05-04
D5.2 Report on Krems workshop Final File:Share PSI D5.2 Report on fourth workshop.pdf 04/08/2015
D6.1 Fith call for Participation Final File:Share PSI D6.1 Fifth Call for Participation.pdf 04/08/2015

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