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Please use this page to record every effort made to promote the Lisbon workshop

Date Action taken Partner
14 July Email to Invest Lithuania, business-promoting agency UABLD
17 July Blog post on Samos Summit ODI / Samos Summit blog post, Open Data Institute (ODI) ODI
17 Sept 1-1 e-mail to Bulgarian Ministry of Transport W3C
17 Sept 1-1 e-mail sent to DataMarket.com W3C
17 Sept Blog post W3C
17 Sept 1-1 e-mail to DBPedia Association W3C
17 Sept E-mails to relevant persons at Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications in Sweden PKZ
17 Sept Post to swedish opengov group (1700+ members) PKZ
17 Sept Post to Nordic Open Data Ecosystem PKZ
17 Sept Email to the Lithuanian Open Data public group UABLD
24 Sept Mentioned in the occasion of one of the monthly seminars held at the Nexa Center for Internet & Society (POLITO) about Government transparency in Italy, and related Open Data quality/standardization/reuse [1] (ca. 20-25 participants) POLITO-NEXA
29-30 Sept Included in presentation and conversations at OGP Paris MAREG
16 October Included in Open Data Support training session with the Bulgarian Institute of Public Administration AMI
16 Oct Presentation about Share-PSI and encouraging participation at future Share-PSI workshops during W3C eGov workshop SZTAKI
20 October Open Public Sector Data stream at the Open Group's London conference TOG, NUIG
18 Sept Encouraging open data usage by commercial developers - Call For Participation -News item CORVE
18 Sept Post to LinkedIn group opendataforum -[2] CORVE
18 Sept Post to LinkedIn groups eGov Community, ENGAGE, European Data Forum, Linked Data Web, Mayor Cities of Europe IT User Group, Open Data Research Network, Open Data Support, Open Government (Europe), PSI4PROFT DUK
18 Sept Pulication on Center for E-Governance public Blog [3] DUK
18 Sept Twitter [4] DUK
18 Sept Google+ [5] DUK
18 Sep Email to SEED (FP7 CIP project) mailing list UVT
18 Sep Email to Open Data Coalition Romania mailing list UVT
19 Sep Entry in OpenData.hu Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OpenData.hu/ SZTAKI
19 Sep Twitter SZTAKI
23 Sep Joinup [6] PwC
23 Sep Twitter [7] PwC
24 Sep OpenData.cz - English news channel, Czech news channel UEP
24 Sep Email to OKFN-CZ mailing list (130 subscribers) UEP
24 Sep Email to COMSODE project mailing list (private) UEP
25 Sep Twitter [8] PwC
25 Sep Promoted at semantic wiki community [9] KIT
25 Sep Promoted at Publishing Statistical Data community [10] KIT
25 Sep Email to LOD2 and GeoKnow mailing lists IMP
26 Sep Promoted at Luxinnovation (the Luxembourg innovation agency) Tudor
26 Sep Promoted at the Finodex project Tudor
26 Sep Promoted to stakeholders at the EC of the Europeana environment Tudor
26 Sep Promoted to the ICT cluster Luxembourg Tudor
02 Oct Email to Danish Agency for Digitisation [11] UABLD
02 Oct Post in Swedish Semantic Web public group on FB [12] UABLD
03 Oct Included in presentations, conversations and workshops Open Data Day in Flanders -[13] CORVE
03 Oct Post to OKF Open Government mailing list W3C
03 Oct Post promotion messages to the following linkedin groups:

weGov - 42 members http://tinyurl.com/lfjdsqw

Open Data Foundation - 1419 members http://tinyurl.com/qgqy2kv

egov Research Community - 793 members http://tinyurl.com/qzk56fx

Policy Making 2.0 - 2152 members http://tinyurl.com/pgnv72z

ENGAGE project - 235 members http://tinyurl.com/ortpjzc

Open Data Innovations Network - 1419 members http://tinyurl.com/pseplva

eGov Community - 6169 members http://tinyurl.com/qxorv4a

Open Data Center Alliance - 953 members http://tinyurl.com/oebceey

Open Data Professionals - 287 members http://tinyurl.com/ogbmqda

Open Data Support - 156 members http://tinyurl.com/kz9rva7

PSI4Profit - 57 members http://tinyurl.com/l6ro6jj

03 Oct Post in Spaghetti Open Data group SOD POLITO - NEXA
6 Oct Email to the members of the W3C Open Data Spain Community Group CTIC
6 Oct Email to the members of the OKF Spain charter CTIC
6 Oct Deadline extension announcement on ePSI Platform CTIC
7 Oct Tweet to 4,600 followers MINHAP-Spain
7 Oct ReTweet to 7,000 followers MINHAP-Spain
7 Oct Piece of news at our national e-goverment portal with 55.000 visits/month and 4.500 suscribers to the news section MINHAP-Spain
8 Oct Piece of news at our national opendata portal MINHAP-Spain
8 Oct Blog post TOG
10 Oct Published on FOI homepage [14] FOI
10 Oct Presentation at ePSI Platform + LAPSI workshop Milan (IT)
Simon Whitehouse
13 Oct Tweeted link to TOG blog post Rewteeted from W3C account

Mail to (public) DWBP list

16 Oct Dedicated slide during a presentation in Coimbra (PT) CTIC
16 Oct Promotion of SharePSI at W3C Meetup meeting in Budapest DUK
16 Oct News on w3c.hu SZTAKI
17 Oct W3C Hungarian Office tweet SZTAKI
31 Oct Send CFP to internally used long mailing list of journalists, NGOs, and government officials from Albania AIS/KIT
3 Nov Twitter FOKUS
3 Nov Twitter CTIC
3 Nov Twitter and LinkedIn to our network Difi
4 Nov OpenData.cz - English news channel updated, Czech news channel updated UEP
4 Nov Email to OKFN-CZ mailing list (130 subscribers) UEP
4 Nov Email to Open Data Romania mailing list UVT
6 Nov Post to Spaghetti Open Data Group (more than 1000 members) POLITO-NEXA
7 Nov Tweet, Retweeted 17 times including by W3C, AMI, AgID, PK, SZTAKI, ULL; as well as Katleen Jansen, Malte Beyer, Bart Hanssens W3C
7 Nov Blog post W3C
7 Nov Jornadas Ibéricas de Infraestruturas de Dados Espaciais Announcement during presentation OGC
11 Nov Tweet IMCS
11 Nov LinkedIn post SZTAKI
13 Nov Workshop announced at the website of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics, Prague (in English, in Czech) UEP
13 Nov Promoted Lisbon workshop and Share-PSI to people from re3data.org project [15]. The project fosters the publication of research data which fits well with Share-PSI objectives. KIT
17 Nov FINODEX Newsletter N/A
1 Dec News item AgID
12 Dec Press release on OGP Romania Website UVT