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Guides to Implementation of the (Revised) PSI Directive in Lithuania

A couple of studies on possibilities to implement Open Data in Lithuania, such as The Open Data Feasibility study (PWC, 2015) have been carried out over the last few years. However, not one of them could serve as a comprehensive guide in line with the Revised PSI Directive. As the outcome of participation in the Share PSI 2.0 project, The Best Practices for the PSI publication have been developed (UAB Linked Data, July, 2016).

This guide covers most aspects of Open Data implementation from the perspectives of both the data publishers and the re-users, ranging from Open Data business models and issues faced while opening data to crowdsourcing and publication of machine readable formats. This new guide is addressed to the authorities, responsible for implementation of the Open Data in Lithuania, especially the Information Society Development Committee under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (IVPK).

Additionally, the guides are disseminated to Enterprise Lithuania (public institution focused on promoting business), Lithuanian branch of the PricewaterhouseCoopers, Vilnius City Municipality, Kaunas City Municipality, the Lithuanian Open Data Google Group and other interested parties. The guide is available online at:

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Viešojo Sektoriaus Informacijos platinimo gerosios praktikos
Best Practices for Sharing Public Sector Information
Language: LT
Applies to: Lithuania
Access: Home page
Creator: UAB Linked Data
Provenance: This guide was created by, or with the direct involvement of, the relevant Share-PSI partner(s), during the project.

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