Share-PSI 2.0 organised a series of workshops throughout 2014 and 2015, each focussing on a different aspect of public sector information. The table below shows the topics discussed and links to the relevant report.

The Share-PSI 2.0 workshops schedule
VenueDateBroad Topic
Samos, hosted by University of the Aegean and collocated with the Samos Summit

Registrations: 85, Papers/sessions: 25
- 2014 Uses of open data within government for innovation and efficiency
Lisbon, hosted by the Portuguese Government

Registrations: 237, Papers/sessions: 24
- 2014 Encouraging data usage by commercial developers

Workshop included a half day session with the European Thematic Network on Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information, LAPSI

Timisoara, Romania, hosted by the West University

Registrations: 83, Papers/sessions: 13
16 - 17 March 2015 Identifying Data Sets for Publication Open Data Priorities and Engagement
Krems, Austria, hosted by the Danube University and collocated with CeDEM 2015

Registrations: 87, Papers/sessions: 26
20 - 21 May 2015 A self sustaining business model for open data
Berlin, hosted by Fraunhofer Fokus

Registrations: 145, Papers/sessions: 34
25-26 November 2015Maximising interoperability: core vocabularies, location-aware data and more