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Guides to Implementation of the (Revised) PSI Directive in Latvia

The localised Open Data Guide for Latvia ("Atvērto datu vadlīnijas") was developed by IMCS (Latvijas Universitātes Matemātikas un informātikas institūts) in cooperation with specialists from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development responsible for facilitating the open publication of PSI. The guide was developed based on the local experience and specifics, and references a number of Share-PSI best practices, international open data guidelines and relevant local regulations.

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Atvērto datu vadlīnijas
Open Data Guidelines
Language: LV
Applies to: Latvia
Access: Home page
Date: 2016-07-15
Creator: Uldis Bojārs, LU Matemātikas un informātikas institūts
Provenance: This guide was created by, or with the direct involvement of, the relevant Share-PSI partner(s), during the project.

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