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Guides to Implementation of the (Revised) PSI Directive in Hungary

As is the case for many Share-PSI partners, SZTAKI is an academic institution that works closely with the government. It also acts as the W3C's Hungary Office. SZTAKI translated version 1 and 2 of OKFN’s Open Data Handbook to Hungarian. Version 2 translation is now in OKFN’s github waiting to be published, while the first translation of version 1 was published on the website in November 2015. This version was replaced with a version that was extended with references to Share-PSI best practices in July 2016. Version 1 of the handbook was more suitable for our purposes, as it is in a single-file format. Being the first such guide in Hungarian, our purpose was to enable easy dissemination and to target a broad audience, and this handbook was ideal for these goals. During the translation we also refreshed links and contents of the guide to be more up-to-date, and also added some national specificities.

flag of Hungary
Nyílt Adatok kézikönyv
Open Data Handbook
Language: HU
Applies to: Hungary
Access: Download (PDF)
Date: 2016-07-14 (original 2012-11-14)
Creator: László Detvay, Éva Vir ág, András Micsik for W3C Hungarian Office
Provenance: This guide was created by, or with the direct involvement of, the relevant Share-PSI partner(s), during the project.

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