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The structure of the Share-PSI 2.0 Best Practices

In order to ensure consistency of the Share-PSI 2.0 best practices for implementation of the (Revised) PSI Directive and also to ensure that contents of the best practices are easy to understand and use, a common template for the Share-PSI 2.0 best practices was developed. The structure for the best practices was defined in consultation with the network partners, based on comments from the EC reviewers in the first and second project reviews. Individual sections of this template are described in the tabel below. Note that the W3C best practices follow a different template.

Share-PSI 2.0 Best Practice Template
Template sectionDescription
TitleTitle of the best practice, preferably in the imperative form, e.g. “Develop and Implement a Cross Agency Strategy”.
OutlineSummary of the best practice, most importantly what the challenge is and how it can be solved.
Links to the Revised PSI DirectiveClassification of the best practice with one or more PSI elements. This classification directly links every Share-PSI 2.0 best practice with one or more problem domains or issues related to the implementation of the PSI Directive. See section 2 for the PSI elements description.
ChallengeDescription of the challenge that the best practice tries to address. In the context of the Share-PSI 2.0 best practices a challenge is usually a problem or barrier faced by some subject involved in PSI production, publication or re-use.
SolutionDescription of the solution to the identified challenge. It should clearly state what should be done in order to overcome the problem or barrier.
Why is this a Best Practice?Rationale for this being a best practice. This section summarises the arguments and explains the expected impact of implementing the best practice.
How do I implement this Best Practice?This section provides guidelines and recommendations for implementing the best practice. The aim of this section is to make the best practice actionable, i.e. it should provide substantial and sufficient information to allow the readers to use the best practice for local implementation purposes. However please note that the best practice needs to be applicable in different contexts of the member states. Therefore the guidelines and recommendations should be generally applicable. Country specific guidelines should be provided in the localised guides - see the “Where has this best practice been implemented?” section of the best practice.
Where has this best practice been implemented?This section provides a list of countries, their implementations of this best practice and the national contact points.
ReferencesReferences to the relevant sources. Original workshop stories, papers or session notes should be referenced in order to link the best practice with evidence collected during the Share-PSI 2.0 workshops. Additional references such as books, papers, studies etc. could provided as well.
Contact InfoMain contact point for the best practice. Name and email of the person should be provided together with an affiliation and country where appropriate.
Related Best PracticesLinks to other best practices relevant to the topic discussed by the best practice.
Lessons LearnedThis section documents the lessons learned. For each case the key lessons should be summarised and the context in which the lessons were learned should be described, e.g. country or initiative. References to relevant sources should be provided if available.

Collecting Lessons Learned

Implementation and use of the best practices might show that some of them need to be updated in one way or the other. As more knowledge is gathered view of what is actual best practice might also evolve. Therefore collecting lessons learned is essential for ensuring that best practices address needs and challenges faced by PSI and open data practitioners and users and that the guidelines provided by the best practices are easy to understand and follow.

In order to achieve the objective mentioned above the best practice template contains a section that documents the collected lessons learned. Open call for lessons learned will be published on this Web site, with issues raised and comments tracked via the project's GitHub repository.

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