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ACTION-64 (edit) open Add SEED to WebCrypto API Ryan Sleevi 2012-11-09
ACTION-73 (edit) open Ask for a formal review of WebApps and HTML Harry Halpin 2013-01-28
ACTION-76 (edit) open Schedule call about registry, due 4/15 Harry Halpin 2013-03-11
ACTION-82 (edit) open Write sentence about how structured clone relates to different types of key storage and that that key storage may have high-security implications (not in our spec!) Vijay Bharadwaj 2013-04-30 Key security
ACTION-83 (edit) open And rbarnes to work through proposal for splitting algorithm and operation parameters, and then retrofit a definition Vijay Bharadwaj 2013-05-14 ISSUE-12
ACTION-86 (edit) open Make a proposal for an explicit auto generation token for IV Richard Barnes 2013-05-28 ISSUE-44
ACTION-89 (edit) open And israelh to work more on Streams API in joint with Futures API Israel Hilerio 2013-04-30
ACTION-91 (edit) open Clarify how public/private key pairs are retrieved with respect to naming Mark Watson 2013-05-01
ACTION-96 (edit) open Include statement about web platform in the doc Ryan Sleevi 2013-05-01
ACTION-97 (edit) open Add docs to webplatform David Rogers 2013-05-01
ACTION-104 (edit) open Usability of Web Crypto Key Discovery by Korean banking use case Mountie Lee 2013-06-03 Web Crypto Key Discovery API
ACTION-105 (edit) open Usability of Web Crypto Key Discovery by belgium eID use case Nick Van Den Bleeken 2013-06-03 Web Crypto Key Discovery API
ACTION-106 (edit) open Key Discovery - Use Case for multi keys on a single device Virginie GALINDO 2013-07-29 Web Crypto Key Discovery API
ACTION-109 (edit) open Submit the W3C Web Crypto WG API to public-script-coord Ryan Sleevi 2013-08-15 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-110 (edit) open Ask TAG review on Web Crypto API Alex Russell 2013-08-15 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-111 (edit) open Update the Web Certificate API based on comments received by the WG Mountie Lee 2013-09-16 Web CertificateAPI
ACTION-112 (edit) open Bring in the WG some browser experiment of SOP exception for Web Certificate management Sangrae Cho 2013-09-16 Web CertificateAPI
ACTION-114 (edit) open Make proposal to amend api Michael Hutchinson 2013-09-23
ACTION-115 (edit) open Propose a text to cover the extractability of encryption key like use case Ryan Sleevi 2013-09-23
ACTION-116 (edit) open Bug-fix use cases document with removed banking use case. Arun Ranganathan 2013-10-21
ACTION-117 (edit) open Respond to dr. boneh's issues email Ryan Sleevi 2013-10-21
ACTION-118 (edit) open Send out call for use-cases for crypto api Harry Halpin 2013-10-21
ACTION-119 (edit) open Review PING comments on Web Crypto/Discovery Virginie GALINDO 2013-10-23 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-120 (edit) open Add note re: streams Ryan Sleevi 2013-11-04
ACTION-121 (edit) open Review ping privacy review Mark Watson 2013-11-04
ACTION-122 (edit) open Add horizontal reviews, including privacy, to tpac f2f agenda Virginie GALINDO 2013-11-04
ACTION-123 (edit) open Create wiki to track v2 next Harry Halpin 2013-11-21
ACTION-124 (edit) open File bugs following this discussion Richard Barnes 2013-11-21
ACTION-125 (edit) open Coordinate with w3c contacts and ietf/iana about how this works Virginie GALINDO 2013-11-21 ISSUE-28
ACTION-126 (edit) open Hilerio to make text proposal to provide clarification that the api provides no guarantees regarding key lifetime Israel Hilerio 2013-11-21
ACTION-127 (edit) open Review proposal for derivebits by friday, november 15 Vijay Bharadwaj 2013-11-21 derivation
ACTION-128 (edit) open Update proposal for auto-iv proposal Richard Barnes 2013-11-21 ISSUE-46
ACTION-129 (edit) open Re-ping alex russell on status of promises and webcrypto Virginie GALINDO 2013-11-22
ACTION-130 (edit) open Needs to check that the review by the ping has been answered Virginie GALINDO 2013-11-22
ACTION-131 (edit) open Schedule dr. boneh to return to see if he's satisfied with current answers to his review. Harry Halpin 2013-11-22
ACTION-132 (edit) open Remove "high-level" term in next revision of charter Harry Halpin 2013-11-22
ACTION-133 (edit) open Remind people how it the test repo works Harry Halpin 2013-11-22
ACTION-134 (edit) open And hhalpin to create a wiki-page for suggested algorithms from mailing lists Virginie GALINDO 2013-12-23
ACTION-135 (edit) open Press on w3c team re unified streams proposal Harry Halpin 2013-12-23
ACTION-138 (edit) open Proposal for integration of SEED in the Web Crypto API Mountie Lee 2014-01-13 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-139 (edit) open Create a wiki page with the algorithm requested to be implemented Virginie GALINDO 2013-12-23 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-140 (edit) open Create a strawman proposal for a workshop focusing on hardware token in 2014 Virginie GALINDO 2014-01-13
ACTION-141 (edit) open Add presentation to tag to our wiki Virginie GALINDO 2014-01-20
ACTION-142 (edit) open Inform Dan Boneh about Raw-AES non-integration in the spec Harry Halpin 2014-03-03 Web Cryptography API
ACTION-143 (edit) open Email the wgs that are in charter for feedback Virginie GALINDO 2014-04-28
ACTION-144 (edit) open Email to mailing list over the web apps mailing list Harry Halpin 2014-05-12
ACTION-145 (edit) open Update the wiki page with the requested algorithms Virginie GALINDO 2014-06-03
ACTION-146 (edit) open Look at the and recommend way to move forward Virginie GALINDO 2014-06-03
ACTION-147 (edit) open Review sysapps secure element discussion Wendy Seltzer 2014-09-18
ACTION-148 (edit) open Create last call exit request document Harry Halpin 2014-10-27
ACTION-149 (edit) open Update exit criteria, reference to dom Harry Halpin 2014-12-16
ACTION-150 (edit) open Notify webmaster of publication request Harry Halpin 2014-12-16
ACTION-151 (edit) open Will notify webmaster of publication request and double-check with editors on changes Harry Halpin 2014-12-16
ACTION-152 (edit) open Make director's decision, note that wg plans to make the "profile" for browser related to algorithm Harry Halpin 2014-12-16
ACTION-153 (edit) open : clarify polyfill versus native in the implementation count Harry Halpin 2015-10-19
ACTION-154 (edit) open Change the ed link in mercurial to point to github Harry Halpin 2015-12-07
ACTION-155 (edit) open Talk with microsoft and mozilla Virginie GALINDO 2016-02-29
ACTION-156 (edit) open Send out invite for testing, try 8:00 am march Harry Halpin 2016-03-14
ACTION-157 (edit) open Create an issue to remove generatekey for pbkdf2 Virginie GALINDO 2016-05-30
ACTION-158 (edit) open Update cfrg doc, add pull request Harry Halpin 2016-06-27
ACTION-159 (edit) open And robtrace to determine what global object ot attach webcrypto state to Tim Taubert 2016-09-05

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