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ACTION-91 (edit) pending review Write text on fingerprinting risk (ISSUE-109, ISSUE-114), with Nick Doty Andy Zeigler 2012-02-29 ISSUE-109
ACTION-97 (edit) pending review Add similar protocol language to TPE spec David Singer 2012-02-01 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
ACTION-122 (edit) pending review Draft possible use of site-specific exception API to test existence of DNT / ask for exceptions even without DNT turned on Nick Doty 2012-02-15 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
ACTION-135 (edit) pending review Detail use case for ISSUE-111 (DNT;2) Shane Wiley 2012-03-28 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
ACTION-174 (edit) pending review Write up implication of origin/* exceptions in EU context Ninja Marnau 2012-06-06 ISSUE-129
ACTION-175 (edit) pending review Draft API method for sites to remove, a la removeTrackingException() Vincent Toubiana 2012-05-05 ISSUE-83
ACTION-176 (edit) pending review Update site-specific exceptions text to note that embedded third-party javascript may make the call rather than the first party (even though it probably shouldn't do so without working it out with the publisher) David Singer 2012-05-30 ISSUE-129
ACTION-177 (edit) pending review Add an API to let a site request a web-wide exception Shane Wiley 2012-05-05 ISSUE-130
ACTION-179 (edit) pending review Draft section on seriousness of the request for a user-granted exception (with ninja) Shane Wiley 2012-04-19 ISSUE-129
ACTION-180 (edit) pending review Provide a text update to section 4.3 to resolve issue 116 and ISSUE-84 Nick Doty 2012-05-23 ISSUE-116
ACTION-185 (edit) pending review Draft specific field proposal for optional auditors Kevin Trilli 2012-05-26 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
ACTION-206 (edit) pending review Integrate by May 30 David Singer 2012-05-30 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
ACTION-224 (edit) pending review Ensure that Section 4 reflects the latest DomAPI proposal by Nick Nick Doty 2012-07-15 ISSUE-84
ACTION-226 (edit) pending review Spec update to address ISSUE/116 David Singer 2012-08-15 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
ACTION-247 (edit) pending review Re-insert values that specify what exceptions are actually in use to the TPE spec David Singer 2012-08-30 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
ACTION-249 (edit) pending review Ensure that the qualifiers reflect the permissions documented in the compliance document, due 10 october David Singer 2012-10-10 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
ACTION-285 (edit) open Propose non-normative text to add on to action-231 (with nick) David Singer 2012-10-10 ISSUE-153
ACTION-290 (edit) pending review Remove incorrect terminology in TPE (top-level domain) David Singer 2012-10-30 ISSUE-173
ACTION-318 (edit) pending review Update draft with JS window/navigator change (coordinate with dsinger/adrianba text) Nick Doty 2012-10-12 ISSUE-116
ACTION-319 (edit) pending review Draft non-normative text on how to accomplish non-JS third parties that want to request for exceptions (with lou) Nick Doty 2012-10-12 ISSUE-138
ACTION-357 (edit) pending review Add service provider option text (with jmayer) as an issue in the draft with an option box David Singer 2013-02-20 ISSUE-137
ACTION-360 (edit) pending review Send email explaining why the proposal in ISSUE-152 is not needed and why issue 152 shall be closed Nick Doty 2013-02-06 ISSUE-152
ACTION-422 (edit) pending review Introduce changes proposed by Nick David Singer 2013-06-26 ISSUE-168
ACTION-423 (edit) pending review integrate Alan's intermediary text David Singer 2013-06-26 ISSUE-153
ACTION-424 (edit) pending review Clarify UGEs and out of band consent David Singer 2013-06-26 ISSUE-201
ACTION-425 (edit) open Validate / Comment on David Singer's email Aleecia McDonald 2013-06-26 ISSUE-137

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