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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-135 (edit) RAISED Draft Global Considerations document 2012-04-11 Global Considerations 0
ISSUE-147 (edit) RAISED Transporting Consent via the Exception / DNT mechanisms 2012-05-14 Global Considerations 0
ISSUE-150 (edit) RAISED DNT conflicts from multiple user agents 2012-05-30 Compliance Next 0
ISSUE-183 (edit)
Tk E
RAISED Additional Tk header status value for EU 2012-10-21 Global Considerations 0
ISSUE-184 (edit) RAISED 3rd party dependencies in 1st party content 2012-10-24 Compliance Next 1
ISSUE-189 (edit)
RAISED Explicit informed consent mechanism needed 2012-11-22 Global Considerations 0
ISSUE-211 (edit) RAISED Should we specify retention periods (extended with transparency) for permitted uses? 2013-06-27 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-212 (edit) RAISED Naming of user-granted exceptions 2013-06-28 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-214 (edit) RAISED Adding to last public working draft 2013-07-01 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-220 (edit)
RAISED Proportionality should be across the board 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-223 (edit)
implementation criteria
RAISED Define criteria now for the test/implementation phase of the compliance spec 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-226 (edit)
Rules by context
RAISED What rules apply for data collection/use, by context 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-227 (edit)
User Agent Minimum Requirements
RAISED User Agent requirements in UA Compliance vs. Scope section 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-230 (edit)
New Definition
RAISED Add a definition for "Web Browsing History" 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-238 (edit)
Permitted uses
RAISED Scope of Permitted uses 2013-10-07 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-265 (edit) RAISED Status of referrals in navigation (is it tracking, is it permitted for dnt:1) 2014-08-20 0

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