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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-44 (edit) POSTPONED Ability to measure/detect who is honoring Do Not Track at a technical level 2011-09-21 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT) 0
ISSUE-123 (edit) POSTPONED Third parties should be prohibited from acting or representing themselves as first parties. 2012-02-01 Compliance Next 0
ISSUE-131 (edit) POSTPONED What should implementations look like to satisfy our exit criteria for CR? 2012-04-10 Compliance Next 0
ISSUE-141 (edit) POSTPONED Do a review of the Tracking Protection WG deliverables according to 2012-04-18 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT) 0
ISSUE-156 (edit) POSTPONED Add a list of data processors to tracking status 2012-06-21 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT) 0
ISSUE-159 (edit)
POSTPONED How do we allow sites that mash-in ad-supported content to maintain their own 'trusted third parties'? 2012-08-09 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT) 0
ISSUE-242 (edit) POSTPONED URL Management for compliance regime URLs 2014-01-08 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT) 0

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