ISSUE-156: Add a list of data processors to tracking status

Add a list of data processors to tracking status

Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
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Thomas Lowenthal
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Tom has requested that users be able to see who is going to retain the data from tracking such that the user can know their data might have been compromised if there is some later breach announced.
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  1. tracking-ISSUE-156: Add a list of data processors to tracking status [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)] (from on 2012-06-21)

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Related to ISSUE-137. In ISSUE-137, Roy noted that "[publishing service providers] conflicts with some service provision contacts that forbid disclosure, and doesn't take into account the fact that some first-party sites consist of many different service providers at different layers of implementation, nor should we care given that the first-party is responsible for selecting its own service providers."

Matthias Schunter, 21 Jun 2012, 23:21:24

Wait for ISSUE-137

Matthias Schunter, 18 Jul 2012, 16:55:07

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