ACTION-74: Write-up Do Not Create A Profile

Write-up Do Not Create A Profile

Jeffrey Chester
Due on:
February 3, 2012
Created on:
January 25, 2012
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When completing this action item, please make sure to:
- include issue-5 in the subject line
- describe specifically how you think this should work
- include use cases and examples that illustrate the edges

Aleecia McDonald, 26 Jan 2012, 10:50:39

The resulting text from:

Do Not Profile

For all recipients of this preference,
Do not use data from a third-party source about this user to modify behavior or target content.
Do not contribute data or inferences from this interaction to a third-party source.

Experiencing targeting based on data about me from unexpected sources. (In many cases, large profiles of data about me or people like me already exist, compiled from either online or offline data.)
Retention of browsing history data by unexpected sources.

Matthias Schunter, 7 Feb 2012, 09:52:18

From 18 April call, closed Action-73, action-74, action-76, action-77, action-78: these were the five views from Belgium (remember to forget me, etc.) which are incorporated in other drafts

Aleecia McDonald, 18 Apr 2012, 19:04:00

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