ACTION-119: Cleanup of section 5 and other TPE edits

Cleanup of section 5 and other TPE edits

Roy Fielding
Due on:
February 14, 2012
Created on:
February 7, 2012
Associated Product:
Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
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Hi Roy,

I did a pass over the TPE. Enclosed are my suggested edits as an ACTION.
As always, feedback and disagreement is welcome... ;-)


Section 5 would benefit from a cleanup. I suggest the following changes while status-updating and/or removing the included ISSUEs:

1. Convert 5.1 and 5.2 into some introductory paragraphs.
- Delete ISSUE-98 (belongs into compliance doc)

2. Delete section 5.3;
issue cleanup:
ISSUE-77 is closed -> DELETE
ISSUE-62 is closed -> DELETE
ISSUE-79 is closed: Servers also need to respond to DNT;0
(ensure that ISSUE-120 is added instead since ISSUE-79 is a sub-case of ISSUE-120)
ISSUE-51 is closed: 1st parties need to send responses, too
ISSUE-47: Move to section 5.5 (header field)
ISSUE-80: Move to section 5.5 (header field)
ISSUE-87 is closed -> DELETE
ISSUE-61 remains open

SECTION 5.5: Response headers
- please revise to reflect the latest version of Tom's headers
- ISSUE-76 has been closed (no echo-ing) -> Delete
- ISSUE-48 delete since superseded by ISSUE-45
- ISSUE-45 is pending review: Check whether there is text to be included?
- ISSUE-105: Convert to text and delete box - there seems to be agreement
- ISSUE-90: Can you summarize the caching discussions; otherwise leave open
- ISSUE-106: Insert text as "pending review': Cacheable objects should include headers since they might be used for tracking
- ISSUE-107: Include as 'pending review' since tom proposed text

Section 6:
- Can we remove the issue-boxes since these issues have been reviewed and no comments were generated?
- If possible, update the Javascript API according to your email discussion (separate mail)

Section (B) Closed Issues
- I believe that this section can be replaced by a URL pointing to our issue tracker:

I hope this gives you some idea what might be done for the TPE ;-)

Matthias Schunter, 7 Feb 2012, 22:31:11

Hi Roy,

another thing that you might add is the async javascript from Nick:


Matthias Schunter, 8 Feb 2012, 21:56:31

Replaced the site-specific exception API with the async version in r1.63.
Note that this should close ISSUE-109.

Roy Fielding, 10 Feb 2012, 07:42:55

Replaced the appendices on closed and pending issues
with links to the issue tracker system in the SOTD, in r1.64.

Roy Fielding, 10 Feb 2012, 08:07:53

Updated issue boxes and remove closed issues in r1.65.

I disagree with deleting 5.3 (contents of well-known location). It needs to be defined to support the current header proposal even if we stick with headers.

Adding text for issue-90 and converting 5.1 and 5.2 into text require more thought than I can garner at the moment -- perhaps make them separate action items? Note also that we still don't have a replacement for the DOM API, so I changed that issue back to open.

Roy Fielding, 10 Feb 2012, 09:31:18

Display change log.

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