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F2F1 Model Proposal

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This page contains issues relevant to provenance modeling in preparation for the first F2F meeting, focusing on a limited range of aims, proposing solutions and presenting open issues regarding those aims. The wider objectives of the Model Task Force will be clarified in discussion after the meeting.


  1. June 22: Start curation/cleaning up of candidate definitions of provenance concepts
  2. June 29: Finalize list of curated definitions for priority provenance concepts (other concepts if possible)
  3. June 30: Prepare draft for discussion at F2F1


To meet time constraints before the F2F meeting, this document will concern three questions only:

  1. Agreement over the definitions of the ProvenanceConcepts (AgreementOnConcepts)
  2. Model the Data Journalism Example using the provenance concepts
  3. Rephrasing the queries identified in the Data Journalism Example using the provenance concepts

Definition of the provenance concepts

    • We propose this as an ongoing activity prior to F2F
  • Our goal is to collate the existing definitions for each of the concepts, and possibly offer a consolidated or alternative proposal, either based on the ongoing discussions of the group or based on our expertise.
  • Enumerate concepts that need to be added or deleted from current list of provenance concepts

Modeling the Data Journalism Example

Proposals to meet the second aim

Rephrasing the Queries in the Data Journalism Example Using Provenance Concepts

Proposals to meet the third aim

Issues regarding the above

Open discussions, informative notes, criticisms, etc. regarding the proposals above. These would ideally be articulated as short specific questions which can be discussed individually at the F2F meeting.

Issues beyond scope

Issues about provenance modeling that go beyond the three specific aims above. These will either be discussed at the F2F meeting if there is time, or else postponed until after.