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NOTE: the Web Events Working Group closed in November 2013 because it completed its technical work with the publication of the 10 October 2013 Touch Events Recommendation. As such, this document is NO longer maintained.

This document includes information about Testing.

This document is a Living Document and as such will change. Members of the WG are encouraged to edit (e.g. to embellish, correct, etc.) the information in this document.

Test Requirements

Testing Resources for Web Events WG

Other Resources

W3C Resources

Testing Resources for the Web Applications WG

Testing Resources for HTML WG

  • Testing wiki - contains links to testing resources including information about the WG's Testing Task Force and instructions on submitting test cases
  • Test Harness - JavaScript functions used by tests and asserts; feedback should be sent to public-html-testing@w3.org

Testing Resources for the CSS WG