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HTML5 Test Case Review and Approval Process

In order to encourage a high level of quality in the HTML test suite, tests that have been individually reviewed for correctness and usability are assigned an Approved status and placed in the top-level approved/ directory. Changes and updates to the Approved section of the test suite must be initiated with a BugZilla bug and agreed upon by the group before they can be checked in.

Proceedure To Have A Test(s) Approved

  1. The test(s) has been submitted to Hg
  2. The test author has asked for feedback and a review from the list
  3. The test author has updated the test(s) in Hg with the feedback from the group
  4. The test author now asks the testing task force for approval by sending email the list.
  5. At the next two conf calls meetings I (krisk) will ask for 'last call' for objections to approving the test(s)
  6. Once the group has no valid objections the test owner can submit the tests to the approved folder

Feedback For Approved Testcases
Once a testcase is approved and you have a valid objection you need to email the list and open a BugZilla bug.