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This page explains how to participate in the W3C HTML5 test suite effort. This effort is managed by the HTML5 test suite task force, part of the HTML Working Group.

There are a number of ways to participate. We welcome contributions of new test cases. The more tests we have, the faster we can improve interoperability among Web browsers.

If you wish to join the test suite task force, contact Philippe Le Hégaret <plh@w3.org> but you're most likely interest in joining the mailing list (see below).


The HTML WG tests are developed in the W3C's Github 'Web Platform Tests' repository. The test suite is now organized by sections of the HTML5 specification rather than by features. For example 'Parser' tests are located in the 'syntax/parsing' folder which maps to section 8 'The HTML Syntax/8.1 Parsing Html dcouments' of the HTML5 specification.

Github has a master branch which hosts many tests beyond HTML WG tests, for example WebApp WG tests. Though when a spec reaches CR the tests that apply to that specification are moved into the 'CR' branch from the 'Master' branch. This effectively means for the HTML5 CR test suite will exists in the 'CR' branch. Test for HTML5.1 would exist in the 'Master' branch, until it also reaches 'CR'.

Tests that checked into our repository are replicated to w3c-test.org. You can use the test runner to see results. See also the README on github for more options.

During the April 2013 F2F the WG identified areas of the spec that need tests. This work has been documented by Robin. Though the group is always open to accept test for any specification. We do want to encourage people to submit tests to the areas that have been identified by the group as 'Requires Testing' rather than areas that have been identified as 'Consider Interoperable'. Of course we also encourage tests that demonstrate and area is not 'Consider Interoperable' and by doing so we will update our documentation.


HTML5 Test Coverage Analysis

Writing Tests

See the Guidelines for authoring tests.

Reviewing Tests

We have several pull requests that need reviews!

See Test Review and Approval Process.

Bug Reports

Conference Calls

  • The group meets every two weeks, mainly on irc.w3.org:6665, #testing
  • We can meet on the phone - but this needs to be prearranged, please ask the list
    • Time 17:00-18:00 UTC (12:00pm - 1:00pm Boston local)

Upcoming meetings

Just join #testing