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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-1 (edit)
Infinite vs Infinity
CLOSED Infinity is misspelled in the API examples 2009-01-22 0
ISSUE-2 (edit)
CLOSED Should the Geolocation API include privacy information? 2009-03-25 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-3 (edit)
CLOSED Exposing civic addresses in the API 2009-03-25 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-4 (edit)
CLOSED GEOPRIV WG proposal for privacy within the API 2009-03-26 0
ISSUE-5 (edit)
CLOSED What should the Recommendation state about security and privacy considerations? 2009-03-26 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-6 (edit)
CLOSED Is enableHighAccuracy the right naming for this attribute? Should we have it at all? 2009-04-03 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-7 (edit)
heading & speed
CLOSED Should heading & speed be moved out of the Coordinates interface? 2009-04-03 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-8 (edit)
Indoor locations
CLOSED Add civic address field(s) for indoor locations 2009-06-11 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-9 (edit)
CLOSED Restricting API Access 2009-06-15 0
ISSUE-10 (edit) CLOSED Should the Geolocation API methods provide an optional parameter of type URI that allows the location requesting service to advertise a policy (P3P or XACML or some other) that applies to the request? 2009-06-18 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-11 (edit) CLOSED Discrepancy in how the text talks about the user giving permission 2009-06-26 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-12 (edit) CLOSED Discrepancy in how the text talks about the user giving permission 2009-06-26 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-13 (edit) CLOSED The IDL is missing [Callback] extened attribute on PositionCallback, PositionErrorCallback and PositionOptions ifaces 2009-06-26 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-14 (edit)
CLOSED Opt-out by default 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-15 (edit)
CLOSED UI to alert the user 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-16 (edit)
opt in duration
CLOSED User should be able to select Once/Session/Always "opt-in" 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-17 (edit)
client-side logging
CLOSED Client-side logging of what information was given to whom 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-18 (edit)
CLOSED Data 'fuzzing' to a bounding box or a municipal region 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-19 (edit)
geo object location
CLOSED Location of Geolocation object, window vs navigator 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-20 (edit)
two callbacks
CLOSED Two callbacks: success and error 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-21 (edit)
position caching
CLOSED Cached position information/max-age/lastPosition 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-22 (edit)
CLOSED onChange vs re-register 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-23 (edit)
DOM Events
CLOSED callback vs DOM Events 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-24 (edit)
error correction
CLOSED onChange and raw position vs. error-corrected position 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-25 (edit)
CLOSED Revocation of rights to use location 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-26 (edit) CLOSED MUST vs SHOULD on privacy/security 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-27 (edit)
CLOSED Geodetic system 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-28 (edit)
CLOSED Elevation issues with WGS84 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-29 (edit) CLOSED What is a position? 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-30 (edit) CLOSED Reuse the DOM 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-31 (edit)
CLOSED Should velocity be included in the API 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-32 (edit) CLOSED Should heading be included in the API 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-33 (edit) CLOSED Synchronous interface 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-34 (edit)
CLOSED enableHighAccuracy may be an implementation detail 2009-07-20 0
ISSUE-35 (edit) CLOSED getCurrentPosition/watchPosition 1 vs 2 calls 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-36 (edit)
location resolvers
CLOSED Should the API expose location resolvers? 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-37 (edit) CLOSED Distance threshold option to watchPosition 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-38 (edit) CLOSED Multiple watchPositions simultaneously 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-39 (edit) CLOSED What to do if there is no altitude information 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-40 (edit)
error codes
CLOSED Error codes 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-41 (edit) CLOSED Passing timeout option to getCurrentPosition and watchPosition 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-42 (edit) CLOSED timestamp xs:dateTime vs epoch time 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-43 (edit)
CLOSED Proximity interface 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-44 (edit) CLOSED watchPosition poorly named 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-45 (edit) CLOSED clearWatchAll function 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-46 (edit)
CLOSED Declination missing from API 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-47 (edit) CLOSED PositionError message values 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-48 (edit) CLOSED Error codes symbolic names 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-49 (edit) CLOSED Accuracy terminology 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-50 (edit) CLOSED "Speed" vs "Velocity" 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-51 (edit) CLOSED Should the spec mandate a particular privacy-protection UI & mechanism? 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-52 (edit) CLOSED Error code 'UNKNOWN' 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-53 (edit) CLOSED Wording for the "Privacy section" 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-54 (edit) CLOSED Should the spec contain an API for reverse-geocoding? 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-55 (edit) CLOSED Transform GeoPriv from API to guidelines? 2009-07-20 0
ISSUE-56 (edit) CLOSED GeoPriv proposal to extend the Geolocation API with privacy-fields 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-57 (edit) CLOSED Typos 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-58 (edit) CLOSED 'Life log' use case 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-59 (edit) CLOSED Refactor the Position interface and group the geodetic coordinates into a separate sub-interface 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-60 (edit) CLOSED TOC strangely numbered 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-61 (edit) CLOSED The link to WebIDL does not work 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-62 (edit) CLOSED Clarify the scope of the Geolocation API to say that it provides WGS84 coordinates 2009-07-20 0
ISSUE-63 (edit) CLOSED Rename the Geolocation API 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-64 (edit) CLOSED Support for barometric and EGM96 altitudes 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-65 (edit) CLOSED Are there usecases where location information expressed as (lat,long) is enough? 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-66 (edit) CLOSED Meaning of Position.heading attribute 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-67 (edit) CLOSED Device orientation 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-68 (edit) CLOSED PositionError.message clarification 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-69 (edit) CLOSED Drop lastPosition? 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-70 (edit) CLOSED Position Logging 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-71 (edit) CLOSED Position interface should be refactored to be extendable 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-72 (edit) CLOSED Multiple altitude measurements 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-73 (edit) CLOSED Getting the user's position vs an arbitrary position 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-74 (edit) CLOSED Location URIs 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-75 (edit) CLOSED Location providers 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-76 (edit) CLOSED Real vs 'fake' location 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-77 (edit) CLOSED Civic address format 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-78 (edit) CLOSED Civic address field name 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-79 (edit) CLOSED Civic address use cases needed 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-80 (edit) CLOSED Civic address comparisons use case 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-81 (edit) CLOSED Civic address format transformations 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-82 (edit) CLOSED "Repeated" vs. "Asynchronous" updates 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-83 (edit) CLOSED Define "cached position"? 2009-07-20 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-84 (edit)
Watch timer behavior
CLOSED The timer behavior in the watchPosition algorithm is incorrectly described. 2009-12-07 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-85 (edit)
Document origin
CLOSED Replace the document origin URI requirement with something else? 2011-01-06 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-86 (edit) CLOSED There is no way to pass additional arguments to geolocation callbacks 2011-02-08 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-87 (edit)
vertical velocity component
CLOSED Consider exposing the vertical component of velocity 2011-06-26 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-88 (edit)
Choice of axes
CLOSED Should we change the orientation axes ? 2011-06-28 Device Orientation 0
ISSUE-89 (edit)
CLOSED Should we change how this event is fired? Should it require a listener? 2011-06-28 Device Orientation 0
ISSUE-90 (edit)
devicemotion event frequency
CLOSED How frequently should the devicemotion event be fired? 2011-06-28 Device Orientation 0
ISSUE-91 (edit)
Rename Acceleration and RotationRate
CLOSED Should we prefix these with Device* ? 2011-06-28 Device Orientation 0
ISSUE-92 (edit)
CLOSED Should we specify the location of the origin ? 2011-06-28 Device Orientation 0
ISSUE-93 (edit)
window.on* handlers
CLOSED Add window.ondevicemotion, window.ondeviceorientation ? 2011-06-28 Device Orientation 0
ISSUE-94 (edit)
Approximate values in DeviceOrientation
CLOSED Should implementations attempt to calculate values that are not determined by hardware devices? 2011-06-28 Device Orientation 0
ISSUE-95 (edit)
Compass heading
CLOSED Should we separate out compass heading? 2011-06-28 Device Orientation 0
ISSUE-96 (edit)
Add separate API for address?
CLOSED Should we add a separate API for retrieving the address ? 2011-06-28 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-97 (edit)
CLOSED Do we need FunctionOnly attribute on the callback interfaces? 2011-06-28 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-98 (edit)
Update v2
CLOSED Update v2 to include all recent changes in v1 2011-06-28 GeoAPI V2 0
ISSUE-99 (edit)
CLOSED Need to clarify whether speed property is magintude of velocity or horizontal component 2011-06-28 GeoAPI V1 0
ISSUE-100 (edit)
Initial Event
CLOSED Figure out how to send initial event to new listeners 2011-09-07 Device Orientation 0

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