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ACTION-91 (edit) open to collect feedback from developers about data minimization and present at the next f2f Diana Cheng 2011-09-14
ACTION-93 (edit) open Update group page to reference new implemenations Matt Womer 2011-11-07
ACTION-102 (edit) open Send email to people that sent in last call comments on v2. This should be done after action-101 Lars Erik Bolstad 2012-03-12
ACTION-104 (edit) open Address editorial comments Stephen Block 2012-03-12 Device Orientation
ACTION-108 (edit) open Write the "simple app" test suite to cover test cases missing in Mosquito Doug Turner 2012-03-12
ACTION-109 (edit) open Solicit input on mailing list about adding accuracy options to geofencing/register regions Giridhar Mandyam 2014-11-04
ACTION-110 (edit) open Post open call on public-geo regarding authenticated origins Giridhar Mandyam 2014-11-04
ACTION-111 (edit) open Post this proposal to the geo list to see the opinions of other group participants Tatsuhiko Hirabayashi 2014-11-04
ACTION-112 (edit) open Solicit call for comments on opera (richt) proposal for screen-adjusted orientation values for deviceorientation Giridhar Mandyam 2014-11-04
ACTION-114 (edit) open Contact webappsec regarding permissions api and geolocation/geofencing Giridhar Mandyam 2015-11-02

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