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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Circulate proposed F2F agenda to member-geolocation Lars Erik Bolstad 2008-11-17
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Circulate proposed F2F agenda to member-geolocation Angel Machin 2008-11-17
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Contact Richard Barnes to find a time to meet and discuss GeoPriv. Lars Erik Bolstad 2008-11-16
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Discuss publishing policy of minutes on list Matt Womer 2008-11-17
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Ask about publishing before f2f Matt Womer 2008-12-01
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Post Windows API civic addressing proposal Alec Berntson 2009-02-06
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Explain stuff Matt Womer 2008-12-16
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Is to populate tracker with issues reported in the mailing list. Andrei Popescu 2009-02-06
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Is to update the specification to reflect Postion.coords discussion. Andrei Popescu 2008-12-16
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Check if still does CVS checkout and setup redirect if needed Matt Womer 2009-02-07
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Look into e911 over the web. Marc Linsner 2009-02-06
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Look into joining Hypertext Coordination WG Lars Erik Bolstad 2009-02-06
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Look into joining Hypertext Coordination WG Angel Machin 2009-02-06
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Remove use cases that reference Addresses Andrei Popescu 2009-02-06
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Take out the Web-specific use cases from there and present them to the list John Morris 2009-02-06
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Look at the OMTP use cases for location and contribute them to the list Angel Machin 2009-02-06
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Will take a shot at providing wording for a privacy recommendation for location recipients Doug Turner 2009-02-06 privacy-text
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Deliver test cases by end of january Andrei Popescu 2009-01-31
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Deliver test cases by end of january Doug Turner 2009-01-31
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Find test suite FAQ, licesensing, etc Matt Womer 2009-02-07
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Look into orientation, compass, accelerometer specs Matt Womer 2009-02-07
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Create placeholder privacy recommendations for implementors and location receivers Andrei Popescu 2008-12-16
ACTION-23 (edit) closed determine test cases format and location Matt Womer 2009-03-31
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Fix the "otherwise" statement about position in 5.1 Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Add text about internal timeout Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Add statement that the geolocation API should not be called before consent Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Check default values in the IDL Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Fix FF on timeout in watchPosition Doug Turner 2009-11-09
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Clarify timeout on watchposition in section on timeout Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Clarify what happens when a NULL is passed in for successCallback Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Update the definition of origin to something we can normatively reference (IRI or URI RFCs perhaps) Andrei Popescu 2009-12-07
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Mail the text of for persistence purposes Max Froumentin 2009-11-09
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Fix 'appropriate' to point to description in algorithm Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Update the spec to clarify that an unknown watch ID is a noop. Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Encoutered == encountered Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Update spec with rfc2118 keywords in clearWatch section Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Group together ECMAScript statements and propose to the list Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Update 5.5 POSITION_UNAVAILABLE to say "For instance: one or more..." Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Update TIMEOUT error to say "the length of time specified by the timeout property has elapsed without acquiring..." Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-40 (edit) closed to add NoInterfaceObject option to Geolocation interface Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Respond to Dom's mail about geolocation tests. Doug Turner 2009-11-09
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Publish MaxF's test suite to the mailing list and request review (after Andrei has made updates to the specification) Lars Erik Bolstad 2009-11-09
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Review internal test suite and see if there is anything not covered by MaxF's test suite Doug Turner 2009-11-09
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Review internal test suite and see if there is anything not covered by MaxF's test suite Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Look into copyright on test suite stuff Matt Womer 2009-11-09
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Figure out where to put the test files cvs vs wiki, etc Matt Womer 2009-11-09
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Define how to setup the mock location provider and how to tell implementations to use it Doug Turner 2009-11-09
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Add Matt to acknowledgements Andrei Popescu 2009-11-09
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Clarify the term "cheaply" in requirement 6.2.5 Andrei Popescu 2009-11-10
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Update enableHighAccuracy flag to further clarify that it's about power consumption - V1 Andrei Popescu 2009-11-10
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Figure out why tracker doesn't know steveblock Matt Womer 2009-11-10
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Figure out correct term for 'elevation angle' Stephen Block 2009-11-10 vertical velocity component
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Start strawman orientation and acceleration draft Andrei Popescu 2009-11-10
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Figure out charter issues with v2 and orientation/acceleration Matt Womer 2009-11-10
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Mail RBarnes about fuzzing Doug Turner 2009-11-10
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Send mail RBarnes about what IETF information should go into the raw address string Lars Erik Bolstad 2009-11-10
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Put field mapping information into the spec Andrei Popescu 2009-11-10 ISSUE-81
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Add new DOMString attribute that has the raw address information in it. Andrei Popescu 2009-11-10
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Ask RBarnes about civic address accuracy Lars Erik Bolstad 2009-11-10
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Request charter extension for Feb 28th 2010 Matt Womer 2009-11-10
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Follow up with erik wilde about other location representations Matt Womer 2009-11-10
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Fill in IR report for Google Stephen Block 2010-11-11 GeoAPI V1
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Fill in IR report for fx Doug Turner 2010-11-11
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Fill in IR report for Opera Lars Erik Bolstad 2010-11-11
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Investigate what other APIs do on exceptions that aren't geo specific Andrei Popescu 2010-11-11
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Follow up with DougT on dropping Location Provider Protocol from charter Lars Erik Bolstad 2010-11-11
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Get charter extension until the end of the year Matt Womer 2010-11-11
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Update milestones section in new charter, particularly orientation Matt Womer 2010-11-11
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Start discussion of another F2F in six months or so Lars Erik Bolstad 2010-11-11
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Add use cases from F2F to V2 spec Andrei Popescu 2010-11-11 ISSUE-79
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Update the scope section to reflect addition of addresses Andrei Popescu 2010-11-11
ACTION-72 (edit) closed to add the new requirements talked about at the f2f to the requirement section Andrei Popescu 2010-11-11 heading & speed
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Update all references to chairs to reflect Angel leaving Matt Womer 2010-11-11
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Ask geolocation and DAP about proximity use cases and determine if there's a pressing need Lars Erik Bolstad 2010-11-11 proximity
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Update address field to RFC mapping and add it to spec Andrei Popescu 2011-11-02 ISSUE-81
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Make sure additionalInfo and additionalInformation are in sync Andrei Popescu 2010-11-11
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Update orientation spec with requirements Stephen Block 2010-11-11 Device Orientation
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Update orientation spec with use cases Stephen Block 2010-11-11 Device Orientation
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Add a worked example for finding the direction the screen is facing Stephen Block 2011-07-05 Device Orientation
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Add vertical speed to Coordinates interface Stephen Block 2011-07-06 vertical velocity component
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Send feedback to the DAP wg suggesting they align their Address object with ours Andrei Popescu 2011-09-14
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Update V2 spec with requireCoords and send diff to list Stephen Block 2011-09-14 heading & speed
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Update V2 spec with requestAddress and send diff to list Stephen Block 2011-09-14 Add separate API for address?
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Reply to the proximity thread saying we're dropping it for now and will revisit it later if there's demand Andrei Popescu 2011-09-14
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Add non-normative text regarding origin for Geolocation V2 and DeviceOrientation Stephen Block 2011-09-14 Origin
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Add window.ondevicemotion and window.ondeviceorientation Stephen Block 2011-09-14 window.on* handlers
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Hand out geolocation stickers to dougt. Matt Womer 2011-11-03
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Send email to www-dom regarding initial event Stephen Block 2011-09-14 Initial Event
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Follow up with Dean Jackson to get more details on webapps breaking as a result of combining compass and gyro data Andrei Popescu 2011-09-14 Compass heading
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Clarify with hixie what the Geolocation spec should say about stopping watchPosition processes on document unload Andrei Popescu 2011-09-14
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Remove additionalInfo from address field Andrei Popescu 2011-11-07
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Write new text to disallow just accuracy or just lat or just lng Stephen Block 2011-11-07
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Add suggested text above to the spec wrt initial event Stephen Block 2011-11-08 Initial Event
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Prepare DeviceOrientation LC for publication Matt Womer 2011-11-08
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Write test application for DeviceOrientation Stephen Block 2011-11-08 Device Orientation
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Prepare V2 as FPWD and LC for publication Matt Womer 2011-11-08
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Update the v1 spec to remove the reference to the specific section of the webidl Andrei Popescu 2012-03-12
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Add alt text for DeviceOrientation equations Stephen Block 2012-03-12 Device Orientation
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Send mail to member list about implementability of v2 Doug Turner 2012-03-12
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Update references to DOM Events Lars Erik Bolstad 2012-03-12 Device Orientation
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Respond to Wikitude about the suggested rate of change wording Andrei Popescu 2012-03-12
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Add the non-normative text about the maximum angular threshold for orientation events Stephen Block 2012-03-12 Device Orientation
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Send mosquito email communicating the test suite deficiencies Lars Erik Bolstad 2012-03-12 Device Orientation

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