ISSUE-80: Civic address comparisons use case

Civic address comparisons use case

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Doug Turner
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"I do not think we have any use cases that require comparing addresses
for equality. We clearly did not for the v1 addressing (coords). I
tend to think that civic addressing comparison is out of scope. For
example, if two UAs pass back an address for the same place, I do not
think that we should make any guarantees that the data the UA pass
back to the requesting site is the same. In fact, I do not think that
the addresses need to be the same between different runs of the same
UA. The reason for this is that UAs might use different back-ends for
determining the actual location of the UA. Maybe the first
geolocation request uses WiFi->location, and the second request uses a
user defined position, or what have you."

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The consensus of the working group is that address comparison is not a valid use case for the API spec.

Lars Erik Bolstad, 4 Nov 2010, 16:05:42

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