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Welcome to the Media Fragments Wiki

The mission of the W3C Media Fragments Working Group, part of the Video in the Web Activity, is to address temporal and spatial media fragments in the Web using Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI). [Charter]

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Discussion Pages

The main responsible (if any) is shown between brackets.


Use Cases and Requirements for Media Fragments

Working Draft: current version, FPWD version

Media Fragments 1.0: Syntax and Processing

Working Draft:

Test Cases


Liaison with Other Groups

  • HTML 5: Ian Hickson suggested that HTML 5 uses the Media Fragment specification for "playing a track starting at a particular location without using script that waits for the media to load".


Face-to-face Meetings

[7th] Lyon (FR), 01-02 November 2010

[6th] Sophia Antipolis (FR), 15-16 June 2010

CR vs CRM headers

[5th] Ghent (BE), 8-9 March 2010

[4th] Virtual, 17-18 September 2009

[3rd] Barcelona (ES), 16-17 April 2009

[2nd] Ghent (BE), 9-10 December 2008

[1st] Cannes (FR), 20-21 October 2008

4-way handshake (from Silvia)
2-way handshake (from Yves)

WG Members