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Dr Silvia Pfeiffer

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After finishing her PhD in audio-visual content analysis and new multimedia applications, Silvia worked as a research scientist at the CSIRO in Australia for 7 years on Ogg annotation and hyperlinking technology (called Annodex), and eventually started her own company in 2006 called Vquence, which is now developing video metrics applications.

Silvia is a researcher and inventor by heart, and designs and implements software to realize her ideas. Her coding experience spans from C, C++ for developing libraries and backend software such as Apache modules, to PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL and AJAX for Web frontends. Her passion in developing readable specifications and interoperable technology has made her part of several standards bodies, amongst them MPEG, IETF, and now the W3C. She has her name on several IETF RFCs that have come out of Xiph.Org technology, and several contributions to MPEG.

Silvia has a diverse experience with automatic creation of video metadata and captions, video hyperlinking, MPEG standards, Ogg and Annodex, as well as Web applications using Adobe Flash. She is an active member of the Xiph / Ogg community and keen to solve accessibility issues for Ogg media files.