Position Papers for the 28 Sep. 2007 Workshop on Mobile Ajax

ACCESS, Takuya Harakawa and Tomihisa Kamada Embedded Ajax — Web 2.0 Optimized for Mobile Devices
AOL, Alan Tai DHTML and Ajax in Mobile Search
Aplix, Paddy Byers and Kai Hendry Aplix's AJAX platform
Coactus, Mark Baker The Best Mobile Ajax Application… is the one that’s never written
Dojo Foundation, Dylan Schiemann position paper
ETRI, Jonathan Jeon and Seungyun Lee Toward a Mobile Rich Web Application — Mobile AJAX and Mobile Web 2.0
Gemalto, Olivier Potonniée and Jean-Jacques Vandewalle position paper
Gemini Mobile, Gary Ogasawara position paper
Google, Dave Burke position paper
Children’s Hospital Informatics Program, Harvard Medical School, Ben Adida The Mobile Browser as a Web-Based Platform for Identity
IBM, Roland Merrick position paper
ICESoft, Stephen Maryka Two Case Studies in Mobile Ajax
Ikivo, Andrew Sledd position paper
Microsoft, Larry Lieberman AJAX for Mobile Devices: An overview of the status quo, and a proposal for web application platform industry standards
MobileAware, Rotan Hanrahan AAA4M: Adaptive Ajax Architecure for Mobile
Mobile Complete, Katelyn Moran position paper
Mobix, Dieter Van de Walle, Nico Goeminne, Frank Gielen, and Rik Van de Walle Challenges for Mobile Gaming based on AJAX
Motorola, Guruji P M D and Garland Phillips position paper
NEC, Masanobu NAKAMURA Requirements for Mobile Ajax on embedded application platform
Nexaweb, Coach Wei position paper
NHN, Kyeongwoon Lee position paper
NHN, Sangwook Park position paper
Nokia, Guido Grassel AJAX in Widgets and Web UIs
Novarra, Sean Patterson position paper
NTT DoCoMo, Goro KUNITO Issues for mobile Ajax for cellular users
OpenAjax Alliance, Jon Ferraiolo position paper
Paving Ways, Rocco Georgi position paper
Research in Motion (RIM), Gaëlle Martin-Cocher position paper
SAP, Louenas Hamdi Business case for Mobile Ajax
SK Telecom, Soonho Lee and Hye Ryoung Kim position paper
Sprint, Brian Coughlin position paper
Sun Microsystems, Akhil Arora and Vincent Hardy Mobile Ajax for Java ME Technology
University of Helsinki and Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Kimmo Raatikainen position paper
Volantis, Rhys Lewis Mobile Ajax and Application Adaptation
W3C Web Applications Formats Working Group, Art Barstow and Marcos Caceras position paper
Wake3, Daniel Zucker position paper
Yahoo!, Douglas Crockford position paper