SK Telecom Position Paper for Mobile Ajax Workshop

Soonho Lee and Hye Ryoung Kim, SK Telecom Service Platfrom and Core Network R&D Center.

SK Telecom is willing to support AJAX in mobile web browsers.
It will be possible in some mobile devices with high specifications and we are in process of development for those devices.

However, we still need alternatives to support AJAX on the other devices.
(1) Computing power of most mobile devices are not enough for AJAX.
Current AJAX requires
- powerful javascript engine,
- more frequent server communication, and
- more frequent redering on display.
(2) Mobile AJAX should be different from AJAX on the usual Web in the aspect of
- mobile-specific characteristics: voice commnucation, location awareness, etc. and
- user experience including input interfaces.

With above considerations, we consider 'Ajax framework for Ubiquitous Web' which includes
- alternative protocols,
- multi-grade client engine specification(javascript engine),
- new/alternative DOM events, and
- adaptation guideline for AJAX-based services.