Position paper


Committee: mobile ajax

Topic: java script and vector graphics

Country: Republic of Korea

Delegate: NHN corporation


Currently NHN uses Ajax for its web service and provides open APIs for mashup(openapi.naver.com).

NHN is one of the most popular sites using Ajax in Korea and held 2007 mashup contest in Spring.

We are very interested in Ajax technology and future trend as well as mobile Ajax which will be more important.

We consider mobile Ajax as future killer apps in mobile phones despites current limitation.


As everyone knows, mobile Ajax will be closely related with script technology and vector graphics.

Although we already have some standards like ECMA262 and SVG, actually its not easy to implement those standard in

normal feature phones. So we need JIT enabled script engine for mobile, not spider monkey.


Id like to discuss the future trend of those technologies and related standard efforts.