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The Eleventh RIF Face-to-Face (F2F) Meeting was hosted by IBM Research at 590 Madison Ave., Room 1218, in New York City's boro of Manahattan on Friday and Saturday, September 26-27 2008.

Minutes of Day 1 Day 2.


The meeting is in room 1218 (on the 12th floor).

See Raw minutes of Day 1


The objectives for the meeting are to get everything set or planned for the following transitions (in that order of priority):

  1. WD2 for PRD and DTB
  2. First public WD for the Test Cases
  3. Last Call for FLD
  4. Candidate Recommandation for BLD, SWC

and to set plans for Core.

Detailed agenda

Friday 26 September (8:30am - 6pm)

  • Test Cases (1h)
  • UCR: plans (1h)
  • Technical design: User-defined data models and fixed interpretation fct and predicates (ISSUE-37, ISSUE-38, ISSUE-33) (1h)
  • Technical design: Inclusion of rule sets (ISSUE-39) (30 mn)
  • Test Cases, including FPWD plan (1h30)
  • PRD: semantics of condition and relation to DTB (ACTION-546, ACTION-553) (1h)
  • BLD, SWC: external frames and other pending issues, CR plan (1h30)

Saturday 27 September (9am - 6pm)

  • Debrief and resolution from day 1 (1h)
  • BLD/PRD compatibility (and impact on Core) (includes, e.g. ISSUE-69) (1h)
  • PRD: resolution strategy (ISSUE-64) // FLD: pending issues, LC plan (1h)
  • PRD: actions (ISSUE-62, ISSUE-66) // DTB: 2nd WD plan, rdf:text FPWD Plan (1h)
  • Core (1h)
  • debrief and resolutions day 2 (1h)
  • wrap up, planning etc (1h)


The survey is now closed.

Getting there:

590 Madison Ave. is located on Madison Ave. between 56th and 57th St. The main entrance faces Madison Ave. It is 15 city blocks (about 1 km) uptown from Grand Central Station. The nearest subway stop is on 59th St. and Lexington Ave., and is serviced by the F,N,R,W,4,5, and 6 lines. To get your bearings when you exit the subway, Lexington Ave. traffic moves one-way downtown (downtown is roughly south). You need to walk about 2 blocks downtown and 2 blocks west to get to the building.