mobileOK Pro Task Force in BPWG

TF status

The TF is no longer active.

As decided at the BPWG F2F Meeting of 18 June 2008 in Sophia-Antipolis, the work of the TF was moved to the main body of the Best Practices Working Group.

The goal is now to use the material contained in the latest draft of mobileOK Pro to produce an addendum to the Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 document. The resulting document will be published as a Group Note, and linked from the Errata section of the Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 document.


The following charter was agreed during the BPWG call of 14 February 2008 and amended by ACTION-658:

Scope of the Task Force's work:

Deliverables of the Task Force:

The mobileOK Pro TF will:




See main Working Group roadmap.


See also the minutes of past public meetings.


Logistics: Wednesdays, at 10:30am CET (09:30am UTC during winter, 08:30am UTC during summer) for 30 minutes on Zakim bridge: +1.617.761.6200, +, +44.117.370.6152, conference code 27776 ("BPPRO") followed by # key (see more details on participating to calls); IRC channel: #bpwg on, port 6665.

Face to Face Meetings

Mailing Lists is the public mailing list for the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group mobileOK Pro Task Force. It is archived.



The Task Force has established liaisons with the following groups/projects:

Contacts: Kai-Dietrich Scheppe, Task Force Leader
Daniel Appelquist, Jo Rabin, Chairs
Dominique Hazaël-Massieux and François Daoust, W3C Team Contacts
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