Task Forces in BPWG


At its F2F Meeting of 19 July 2007 the BPWG formalized the concept of operating Task Forces, which are essentailly sub-committees of the full working group that are chartered to expedite work in particular areas.

List of Task Forces

The following Task Forces exist (The Checker Task Force pre-existed the meeting and its example informed discussion about creation of other Task Forces).

The following Task Forces were closed at the November 2007 F2F

The following Task Force was closed at the June 2008 F2F


The following rules were agreed at the meeting of 19th July 2005

  1. In order for a task force to be formed, it must have a designated chair, the duties of this chair to be responsible for organizing the task force and reporting back to the full working group.
  2. In order for a task force to be formed, it must have a documented scope which must be agreed (resolved) by the group as a whole. This scope should define what the task force should be doing and expected outputs. This could take the form of main working group resolutions.
  3. Task forces should have clearly defined deliverables that relate to the overall group's charter and an expected timeline for delivery.
  4. Task forces that drop below active participation by three people should be reviewed by the group to see if they should be closed.
  5. The chair(s) of the working group will poll the TF leaders for input to the group's report to the HCG. This happens approximately every two weeks, and provides an informal way of establishing that the TFs are making progress.
  6. Being a member of this working group [the BPWG] is a requirement of being part of any task force.
  7. Task forces should use the existing tools and mechanisms (mailing lists, tracking tools, etc...) in use by the main working group unless a separate mailing list is absolutely necessary.
  8. Task forces may work in public.
  9. Work of the task forces must be approved by the full working group in the same way that any other working group output is approved.
Contacts: Daniel Appelquist, Jo Rabin, Chairs
Dominique Hazaël-Massieux and François Daoust, W3C Team Contacts
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