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WebID Community Group Working Space

If you wish to participate or have questions please join the WebID Community Group

Working Documents

Working Drafts

The working drafts are available on mercurial. The WebID specifications document summarises all the documents produced by the Incubator Group.


In the charter we have promised a number of deliverables:

  • A requirements and use case document for the WebID protocol.
  • An interoperability report on existing WebID implementations.
  • A final XG report that includes suggestions for the next steps.

The following two sections cover the actual output of the WebID XG, ranging from temporary drafts on the Wiki to full-blown documents in the WebID space.

On the Wiki

Pre-XG efforts, much of which still needs migration into current works


Actions and Issues

Keeping track of actions and issues

The WebID XG has an instance of the Tracker running at: WebID Tracker.


Weekly conference calls

  • Conference calls of WebID and RWW groups take place on Fridays 15:00 UTC
    • Participation
      1. connect to the w3c #webid channel first using your client or the W3C Web IRC client
      2. dial into the conference using one of the methods below, followed by the code 93243# (spells "WEBID#")
        • a telephone or emulator:
          • +1-617-761-6200
          • +44.203.318.0479 ( probably no longer works, please let us know if it does)
          • + ( probably no longer works, please let us know if it does)
        • a sip client -- for more on sip see Zakim-SIP and SIP-tips
    • Scribing (see Zakim and RRSAgent)

Past Teleconferences

  1. Friday 09 Nov 2012
  2. Friday 16 Nov 2012
  3. Friday 23 Nov 2012
  4. Friday 30 Nov 2012
  5. Friday 25 Jan 2012
  6. Friday 01 Feb 2012

Face to Face Meetings

  1. First Face-to-Face Meeting in Berlin writeup
  2. TPAC Lyon 2012 meetup

Other resources