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This XG started on 14 January 2011 and transitioned on 17 January 2012 to WebID Community Group.

The mission of the WebID Incubator Group is to further advance the WebID protocol, an authentication protocol that uses the SSL/TLS layer for user identification by tying the client to a profile document on the Web through placing a URI in a certificate. It is a first step to a fully standard-based browser authentication experience, but not limited to browser based authentication: peer to peer server authentication will work just as well. The Incubator Group intends to pursue work that has been evolving since 2008, grow the number of interested parties from the Social Web, security and browser communities, and integrate their feedback.

See the charter for more information.

Where to start?

There are two places you might want to check out:

Henry Story (WebID Incubator Group Chair) and Michael Hausenblas
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