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TPAC-Lyon-2012: WebID+RWW+SocialWeb meeting


TPAC is over and the sessions went very well. A summary of the 3 days is available:

The LDP group work was also very relevant and so their minutes are listed here:


The WebID, RWW and Social Web Community Groups will be meeting at TPAC on Monday and Tuesday, October 29 and 30, in Lyon, France.

Meeting room: Terreaux Office - Level (0) - next to the registration area

Additionally, remote participation should be possible via +irc on the w3c #webid channel We don't have teleconferencing available, but there may be a possibility via skype: try connecting to bblfish on skype during the conference.


TPAC is now over. We were pretty much at full capacity during the week. (17 participants + 15 observers, had put their name down as officially attending TPAC list of people attending this event.

During the meeting we put together a foaf:Group of people who attended ( we may be missing some ( please let me know ) )


  • Hands On - very important as we have a lot of observers
    • Everyone coming in to the room (or on IRC) should be shown how to make a WebID
    • This WebID should be added to an TPAC attendance foaf group
    • Membership of this group should give access control privileges of type read/write to some container or resources by servers and services to be demonstrated
  • Demonstration
    • Demonstrations/presentations of LDP like servers
    • comparative WebID implementations
    • Pingback implementations
  • WebID
    • Clean up issues and actions
    • Prioritise actions remaining
    • what is needed to get this into final spec, who wants to help support us
    • Discuss WebID Delegation (authorization + authentication)
    • DN=WebID issue to finalise
    • Security/privacy section for WebID
  • Access Control
    • State of the art of WebAccessControl?
    • What needs to be done to formalise this? WG?
  • Pingback
    • Pingback implementations
    • Pingback using LDP: what would that bring?
    • other standards.
    • Publish the document on RWW page?
  • Test Suite and/or Validator
    • Identify approach
    • Identify editors
  • Next Face to Face Meeting
    • Identify possible dates and venues+hosts (scheduled for 2013-03)


WebID spec

Linked Data Platform spec

WebID Action & Issue Tracker


Web Access Control

2 types of WebID Delegation

Swat: Social Web Acid Test and Swat1 use cases


Day 1 - October 29

Minutes now available

Arrival, coffee
Welcome, logistics, short intro round, recap of meeting goals, agenda amendments.
creation of WebID for each observer, collecting for existing members and creation of foaf:Group for all members.
Demos & testing of existing software, discussion of interoperability requirements (add your demo):
- MyProfile Project
- LifeShare Project
- Read Write Web Scala version
- ODS (OpenLink Data Spaces) Authentication and Profile Demo
- Cloudiway
- state of interoperability between the different demos
LUNCH - Forum 3, Level -2 - Forums
- WebID Delegation
- Access Control ( preparation in view of helping LDP Face to Face )
- Privacy
- Pingback
COFFEE/TEA BREAK - Place Haute, Level 1 - Rhône Pasteur
New members special: get feedback from people who are new
Enterprise integration & adoption
WG Dinner?

Day 2 - October 30th

Minutes now available

Arrival, coffee, day 2 logistics
short demos, quick introductions again, and WebID creation for new members
Access Control ( preparation in view of helping LDP Face to Face )
COFFEE/TEA BREAK - Place Haute, Level 1 - Rhône Pasteur
WebID Spec Issues
LUNCH - Forum 3, Level -2 - Forums
Test Suite & Validator
WebID - cleaning up issues
COFFEE/TEA BREAK - Place Haute, Level 1 - Rhône Pasteur
TBD - next meeting - Wednesday Session preparation
Day 2 recap

Day 3: Wednesday

Social session Minutes now available Identity session Minutes now available

On day 3 we would like to present our work to the rest of the W3C community. Please help bring people who can't make it Monday or Tuesday, because they are in meetings to come to Wednesday Session preparation and ask them to put their name down on the wiki.