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SWAT1 use cases

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These are potential use-cases or user-stories that could become part of SWAT1.

Private content

  • Alice uploads a private photo set to her social network.
  • Her friend Bob is notified of the new photos.
  • Bob can view the photos.
  • Moriarty, who is not a friend of Alice, is unable to view the photos.
  • Donna comments on a photo in the set.
  • Bob can view Donna's comments.
  • Moriarty cannot view Donna's comments.
  • ACL Management - how can we guarantee that Alice's encryption key/ACL management server actually is also secure, and that it can serve as a key distro point (i.e. each piece of content can be stored in an encrypted manner and have a key generated (note that this can also be separated from the content).
  • Problem with hiding friend's lists - that is a crucial attack surface.

Social news

  • Alice posts a news item to her social news network.
  • Bob, who is Alice's friend, is notified of the new post.
  • Donna comments on Alice's news item.
  • Bob is notified of Donna's comment.
  • Eric, who is Bob's and Alice's friend, "votes up" Alice's news item.
  • Bob is notified of Eric's vote.


  • Alice posts a photo to the Beekeepers group.
  • Charlie, who is in the Beekeepers group but not a friend of Alice, receives the photo.
  • Charlie comments on the photo.
  • Alice receives notification of Charlie's comment.
  • Interesting case when the group sits on a different social network from Alice's

Social discovery

  • Alice has joined a social service. She wants to connect with friends.
  • Alice searches for her friend Bob, and should be able to find him just using his "name" and "geographical" location.
  • Alice uses the search results to add Bob as her friend.
  • Alice sends a friend request to Bob (one-way friendship). As a result Bob may have more access to Alice's resource than previously.
  • Bob finds a friend request in his inbox. He can accept or not. If he does he is the same role as Alice in step 2 above and publishes his friendship link to her. This allows Alice access to some resources that she previously could not access.

Data portability

  • Alice has an account on Server 1. Her friends are Bob and Donna, both on Server 2.
  • Alice moves her account to Server 3.
  • After Alice moves her account, Bob and Donna on Server 2 are still her friends.
  • Need to scope which "data" is defined as portable. Example suggests address book. What about profile, activities, content? e.g. Wordpress offers export/import tools for 'activity' equivalents, but not for content (multimedia).


  • Alice has an account on Server 1. Her friends are Bob and Donna, both on Server 2.
  • Alice sends a private message to Bob and Donna, who are *not* friend with each other.
  • Bob and Donna receive Alice's private message (asserted).
  • Bob replies to the message by sending it to both Alice and Donna
  • Both Donna and Alice receive Bob's message

Content deletion

  • Alice uploads a photo to her social network.
  • Her friend Bob can view and comment the new photo.
  • Alice deletes the photo
  • Bob receives notification of photo's deletion and cannot view Alice's photo anymore.