W3C Technical Architecture Group Work Plan

12 January 2012

Note: this version integrates decisions made at the 4-6 January 2012 TAG F2F.

This page is used to track the current work of the TAG, and also to note projects that are completed or abandoned. Projects completed prior to mid-2011 are not tracked here, and this note is used only for major projects that represent and ongoing investment by the TAG. Other work of the TAG can be tracked by reading the archives of the www-tag@w3.org mailing list, or from the TAG's tracker page.

Top Priority

The TAG identifies several of its ongoing projects as being most significant and having top priority for successful completion. The following table provides a list.

Product TAG Members Assigned Upcoming Checkpoint(s)
Fragment Identifiers and Mime Types Peter Linss, Henry Thompson, Yves Lafon

Earlier plans called for a TAG Finding to be prepared in 2011, but that did not happen. The product page linked at left was prepared by Henry Thompson as input for discussion at the 4-6 January 2012 TAG F2F. We agreed at the F2F to reinvest in this topic: the next step will be to refine the work plan proposed by Henry.

Publishing and Linking on the Web Jeni Tennison, Dan Appelquist

June 2012: TAG W3C Proposed Recommendation

URI Documentation Discovery Jonathan Rees, Henry Thompson

17 February 2012: The TAG will announce to the community a baseline proposal for amending the resolution to issue httpRange-14, and along with that a call for change proposals, inviting the community to suggest better alternatives.

August 2012: PR(s) or similar document covering the following:

  1. URI documentation discovery architecture
  2. ontology (RDF vocabulary) as needed

August 2012: TAG Note on semantics of metadata for 'information resources'

MIME architecture for the Web Larry Masinter

The first round of work on this topic was done in 2011, and resulted in the publication of MIME and the Web: draft-masinter-mime-web-info-02

At the 4-6 January 2012 TAG F2F it was agreed that a new plan would be created for a second round of work relating to the registration of media types for languages that evolve. A new product page describing the plan for this work should be available by February, 2012.

Note that the product titles in the first column provide links to so-called "product pages", which have more detail about the goals, scope, deliverables, and schedule for each product.

Other Active Projects

Product TAG Members Assigned Upcoming Checkpoint(s)
Privacy by Design in APIs (was: API Minimization) Robin Berjon

Rough draft of Privacy by design finding in late March 2012, for review at April 2012 F2F

HTML / XML Unification Tim Berners-Lee, Noah Mendelsohn, Norm Walsh (*)

1 February 2012: Draft report published by the TAG for community review

Update W3C Web Architecture Pages Various small assignments to Dan Appelquist, Larry Masinter, and Jeni Tennison

Several first draft pages due Oct/Nov 2011

Persistence of Identifiers Jonathan Rees, Henry Thompson

Draft of product plan was discussed 4-6 January 2012 TAG F2F: this version was proposed by Henry Thompons, but more discussion is needed to agree on the plan.

Web Application Storage Ashok Malhotra


HTML Data (E-mail) Jeni Tennison

Publication of SWIG Notes end of January

(*) Norm Walsh is a former TAG member who has generously agreed to lead this effort on behalf of the TAG.


The work on the following products has been completed:

Product TAG Members Assigned Upcoming Checkpoint(s)
HTML5 Last Call Review All

Completion of work on this topic was announced on 30 December 2011.

Web Application State Ashok Malhotra

The finding Identifying Application State was published on 1 December 2011, ahead of schedule. Completion of work on this topic is to be announced by the chair (per agreement at 4-6 January 2012 TAG F2F)

Under consideration

The following product(s) are listed here for consideration as possible future TAG work. The linked product pages may or may not have been reviewed by the TAG as a whole.

Product TAG Members Assigned Upcoming Checkpoint(s)
None at this time

No longer active

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